Itunes Letter Game


Ott 12 2007, 22:07

Here's how it goes down, you just go through your iTunes Library until you can no longer do it.....

Let's say I have the song Losing My Ground, the next song I had to have would be the very first D song in my iTunes Library, if I can't do it anymore, I'm over. Hope you guys like it! :) You also always have to start with your very first song.

1) Gimme More
2) Early Mornin' (the ' is mainly g so yeah xD)
3) Girl Power
4) Reflection
5) Never Met A Girl Like You
6) Used To
7) There and Back Again
8) Now or Never
9) Real Wild Child
10) Dance, Dance
11) Everything
12) Give It Up
13) Pedestal
14) Losing My Ground
15) Daze of the Week
16) Kick It Into Gear
17) Right Where You Want Me
18) Exceptional
19) Later
20) Rainbow
21) Wake Up Call
22) Like This (feat. Eve)
23) Every Thought Is You
24) Under The Milky Way
25) You Don't Mean Anything
26) God Must Hate Me
27) Everytime
28) Escape Plan
29) Nowhere Kids
30) Satellites
31) Sorry Now
32) Words to Me
33) Echo
34) Ocean Avenue
I am at the bottom of my itunes list xD

Also i didn't start with the first song in my library because it would take to long, so i just started with Gimme More


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