2008 [*]


Gen 1 2009, 9:41

TOP 20

1) Aesthetic Perfection // A Violent Emotion

Genre: Dark Electro

Loved Track: The Ones

2) Mindless Self Indulgence // If

Genre: Electropunk

Loved Track: Pay For It

3) klangstabil // math & emotion

Genre: Electronic

Loved Track: twisted words

4) Goldfrapp // Seventh Tree

Genre: Electronica/Folk

Loved Track: Happiness

5) Autoclav1.1 // Love No Longer Lives Here

Genre: IDM/Rhytmic Noise

Loved Track: all for you

6) God Is An Astronaut // God Is An Astronaut

Genre: Post-Rock

Loved Track: No Return

7) The Deadfly Ensemble // A Seed Catalog for Extinct Annuals

Genre: Dark Cabaret/Deathrock

Loved Track: Polymelia and the Satyr

8) Klimt 1918 // Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again

Genre: Art Rock/Shoegaze

Loved Track: Just an Interlude in Your Life

9) Hanzel und Gretyl // 2012: Zwanzig Zwolf

Genre: Industrial Metal

Loved Track: Fukken Über Death Party

10) Standeg // Ultra High Tech Violet

Genre: EBM/Electronic

Loved Track: 25 Hours

11) Crystal Castles // Crystal Castles

Genre: Electronic

Loved Track: Air War

12) Ohgr // Devils In My Details

Genre: Electronic/Industrial

Loved Track: Eyecandy

13) Alice in Videoland // She's a Machine

Genre: Electropop/Synthpop

Loved Track: Mf

14) L'Âme Immortelle // Namenlos

Genre: Dark Electro

Loved Track: Es tut mir Leid

15) Mylène Farmer // Point De Suture

Genre: Electropop

Loved Track: C'Est Dans L'Air

16) Have a Nice Life // Deathconsciousness

Genre: Shoegaze

Loved Track: Bloodhail

17) Emiliana Torrini // Me And Armini

Genre: Pop

Loved Track: Heard It All Before

18) Tobacco // Fucked Up Friends

Genre: Instrumental Hip Hop

Loved Track: Backwoods Altar

19) B-52's // Funplex

Genre: Pop Rock

Loved Track: Pump

20) Mass Kotki // Miau Miau Miau

Genre: Electroclash

Loved Track: Maryja


The Birthday Massacre // Looking Glass
Ashbury Heights // Morning Star In A Black Car
Combichrist // Frost EP: Sent to Destroy
Cyanotic // prehab 25mg-ep
Agonoize // For the Sick and Disturbed
65daysofstatic // The Distant and Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties


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