• They're the storm.

    Ago 15 2012, 7:19

    Tue 14 Aug – The Cardigans Live in Jakarta

    Finally another concert!

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    The venue was expectedly not crowded since it held during Ramadhan. I watched from the tribune, it's quite chilly and people there were sitting throughout the whole show! What a boring crowd.

    I am not really fond of Gran Turismo and unfortunately they played most of the songs from the album, dang. I was even yawning several times at the first half performance.

    Things got nicer when they started to play For What It's Worth then the overplayed Lovefool (which I shamelessly dance to it anyway), I enjoyed the rest of their show to the fullest from there.

    And contrary to popular belief, I love the fact that they closed it with Communication, yes it's a mellow song but that's what they are very good at in the first place.

    Overall the show was lovely, they built the crowd's fascination nicely, Nina Persson was as beautiful as ever and I love her quirky Tetris little cape <3

  • I'm feeling younger, it's better than wiser.

    Lug 9 2012, 9:30

    Fri 6 Jul – Ladyhawke

    It's been a while since the last time I attended a gig. I'm in love with her debut album and the sophomore doesn't sound bad either. The venue was surprisingly not crowded, maybe because the hardcore fans had already fled to Bali because the announcement of her going to Jakarta was latter than the Bali one.

    Here was the setlist:

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    It was another moment of being the crazy bunch amongst the crowd, my friends and I. We were shamelessly dancing and jumping around throughout the show, even Pip Brown herself smiled on us (I hope it was a happy smile, not an embarrassed one lol)

    Overall it was a satisfying gig, they played very neat (though the sound system for the vocal was a bit off) and the venue was very enjoyable.
    I had a great night :)

    It is taken from Ladyhawke's instagram. I was the one who made a heart shaped hands :D
  • Happy Up Here!

    Feb 20 2012, 9:26

    Wed 8 Feb – Love Garage

    I arrived when Bag Raiders was done, unfortunately. Though I've seen 'em months ago.

    But anyway, Röyksopp was MESMERIZING. Gosh, I've never had that kind of musical experience since Crystal Castles which was exactly a year ago.

    And another honorable mention goes to Anneli Drecker. She has done a good job at impersonating Karin Dreijer and Robyn. Too bad they didn't play my favorite Vision One, which has her own voice in it.

    photo is taken by http://www.last.fm/user/uitzinnig
  • Call It What You Want!

    Gen 12 2012, 2:52

    Wed 11 Jan – Foster The People Live In Jakarta

    I guess we're very aware that they are a very very catchy band, and they were pretty much it last night.

    They played really neat, the Weezer cover was nice, but I didn't feel anything special about the gig. Probably it's because I was at the VIP section and the crowd sucked. I believe I'd enjoy them more if I was at festival.

    Oh, one thing I fancied was MARK and his little dances he did whilst singing. Adorbzz ♡

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  • Company's Okay, Solitude Is Bliss

    Nov 2 2011, 14:33

    Sat 29 Oct – BEATFEST

    To be honest, !!! sucked. Their music was monotonous, the vocalist was rambling and shouting instead of singing, he was also very annoying with getting off the stage three times (and he's not even attractive, blergh), or maybe it's just that they're not my cuppa tea, but I felt that the idea of pairing them in the same event with Tame Impala was a bit off. I believe they will be more "enjoyable" if they play at Java Jazz or something like that.

    So after painfully waiting for like 3-4 hours, Tame Impala finally played. The gate was open since 6 and they played at like 12ish!! Freak!! Fortunately it was saturday night so people didn't really complain.

    And they were VERY satisfying!! It was surreal and definitely trippy and shit. Everyone was like busy enjoying their performance with themselves, Solitude Is Bliss was definitely the highlight of that awesome night.

    There were people leaving during their show, probably because it was already late and they already played their popular songs in the beginning of the show. I felt sad that they really didn't do encore thing, I still wanted more that time :(

    I was going home bringing their official shirt with me. I seldom buy things from gigs I see, but this one was very special :)
  • Gave my ♡ to a shooting ✰

    Set 27 2011, 6:55

    Fri 23 Sep – Bag Raiders

    The party was supposed to be private but I guess it was not since the club was super packed and we couldn't really dance along (but I always could dance anywhere so it wasn't a problem at all). It was really fun afterall, for me, they pretty much kicked ass!!

    My friends said it was a bit off, but maybe it was because the show was over at midnight, when people usually get started to go to the club. It was kind of odd indeed, going home before we feel trashy enough to be kicked out of the club lol
  • A Thousand Suns

    Set 22 2011, 9:22

    Wed 21 Sep – Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns Concert

    Linkin Park had a quite 'mature' concert. Well-organized show (I like the ticketing system, very 'world tour'ish lol), well-educated crowd (one of the best crowd I've seen! everyone was behaving but still having fun, jumping around and singing along, very nice!), solid stage (and JAW-DROPPING background screen, mesmerizing visual during the show!), very professional.

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    Another thing I like is, it was old-fan friendly. I wasn't really excited about the concert since I don't listen to them anymore (I used to be a fan back in high school), their hype was like, what, a decade ago? But turned out they played several hits from their earlier albums, so I still could jump and scream like everyone else for a while lol

    I had fun! Kudos to them :D
  • Kitsuné Maison

    Lug 29 2011, 4:43

    Wed 27 Jul – Kitsune

    It was a blast! The only problem was timing. I kept thinking "Y TOMORROW NO SATURDAY ALREADY?!" throughout the event.

    Moonlight Matters started it really dope. Robyn's Indestructible and Hercules and Love Affair's Painted Eyes were played and I was like "this is so going to be a good night" and it pretty much was!

    I went with my co-workers and the fact that the next day was still workday kept bugging them so they went home early, even before Gildas started. Thank God I found some of my friends afterward since I still wanted to see how this show going.

    Then it came Gildas' turn. I was expecting a lot from him since, you know, it's Gildas. It would be enough if he just played Kitsuné Club Night Mix though (which I heart so much) and he did play some of the songs from it like House de Racket's Roman and Shindu's Happy House. but there were some "off" moments like when he spin the overrated Barbra Streisand, but overall he played pretty good. Respect!

    And finally, Punks Jump Up! Too bad it was already 2.30 am and I got really worried since I still had to work in the morning. I went home since my mind was not there anymore. I just got the chance to hear them for about 15mins (which was a good 15mins for a starter, they even played Lykke Li's! So kool) I was hoping them to play their remix of Crystal Castles' Baptism, I wonder if they played it after I went home.

    Lug 27 2011, 7:47

    Sat 26 Mar – MGMT

    I should've written thing long ago but better very late than never I guess.

    In conclusion, the show kicked ass!! It was so good I was having their post-concert syndrome even after two weeks!! Playing their over-played hits over and over again.
    Here's the setlist:

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    It was really nice to hear them playing each song from both albums back to back. I was jumping around with my friends when Kids was played, I think it was the highest jump I have ever done in a concert, such an infinite moment.

    Oh, and I got the chance to take a picture with them before the show, it was total fun :D Andrew is like the same height as me and he jumped around the whole time, so cute :3


    Lug 25 2011, 8:31

    Fri 22 Jul – Java Rockin'Land 2011

    So I just went on Saturday, it was pretty nice. I just watched Sarasvatī, God Bless, and The Cranberries.

    I went a bit late so I just got to see Sarasvatī for like 30 mins, the venue for them was pretty small, but they did a pretty good show, they should've make the stage lower so it could be more intimate.

    The vocalist was not really in a good shape but I didn't really mind, I love how they invited "ghosts" to the show, making the atmosphere more dreamy and creepy

    then I went to see God Bless, I'm not really a fan, I just know they're like this band from our grandparents' era, and turned out they rocked!! They sang lots of their classical hits and evergreen Indonesian songs so I believe every generation of audiences was singing along with them. Seeing that kind of energy those grandpas made makes them even kooler!! Kudos to them!!

    And finally I got the chance to see one of the very first foreign bands I listened to when I was little, The Cranberries. I even learned to play guitar (which I failed miserably) with their songs like Zombie, Animal Instinct, Linger, and such. And watching them singing those song live was quite an experience. I couldn't really see Dolores etc. since the crowd was really huge and I was in the very back, but it was still fun.