Company's Okay, Solitude Is Bliss


Nov 2 2011, 14:33

Sat 29 Oct – BEATFEST

To be honest, !!! sucked. Their music was monotonous, the vocalist was rambling and shouting instead of singing, he was also very annoying with getting off the stage three times (and he's not even attractive, blergh), or maybe it's just that they're not my cuppa tea, but I felt that the idea of pairing them in the same event with Tame Impala was a bit off. I believe they will be more "enjoyable" if they play at Java Jazz or something like that.

So after painfully waiting for like 3-4 hours, Tame Impala finally played. The gate was open since 6 and they played at like 12ish!! Freak!! Fortunately it was saturday night so people didn't really complain.

And they were VERY satisfying!! It was surreal and definitely trippy and shit. Everyone was like busy enjoying their performance with themselves, Solitude Is Bliss was definitely the highlight of that awesome night.

There were people leaving during their show, probably because it was already late and they already played their popular songs in the beginning of the show. I felt sad that they really didn't do encore thing, I still wanted more that time :(

I was going home bringing their official shirt with me. I seldom buy things from gigs I see, but this one was very special :)


  • dancefloorgasm

    uugh it was so amazing, I'd do anything to relive that night. and hello, happened to stumbled upon your page via the Laneway Festival event page, will you be coming down to Singapore for it? :>

    Nov 3 2011, 12:49
  • ijolism

    I'm currently saving my money! it's pretty much the only thing I'm focusing in my life right now lol

    Nov 3 2011, 13:35
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