The Top Ten Thing


Nov 13 2006, 5:55

Erik did this and it looks pretty cool. Let's see...this if my first time, so I'll be covering my discovery process of my top 10 listened to artists on

1. ytmnd
First Song: Nigga Stole My Bike! (Punch-Out Remix)
Fell in Love With: Olmec Guides You Through the ytmnd Temple
Current Favorite: YTMND Rocks It

2. "Weird Al" Yankovic
First Song: Spam
Fell in Love With: Fat
Current Favorite: Amish Paradise

(Dance Mania doesn't count because it is just a compilation of dance songs by various artists)

3. Akon
First Song: Smack That
Fell in Love With: I Wanna Luv U
Current Favorite: I Wanna Luv U (Radio Edit)

(Skipping Rare, Nintendo, Disney, and Mitch Hedberg because they aren't proper artists)

4. t.A.T.u.
First Song: All the Things She Said
Fell in Love With: Not Gonna Get Us
Current Favorite: All About Us

5. 50 Cent
First Song: 21 Questions
Fell in Love With: In Da Club
Current Favorite: Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix)

6. Eminem
First Song: Without Me
Fell in Love With The Real Slim Shady
Current Favorite: Rabbit Run

7. Chamillionaire
First Song: Ridin'
Fell in Love With: Ridin'
Current Favorite: Ridin'

8. Insert Coin(s) to Continue
First Song: Ditch the School
Fell in Love With: Parody Star
Current Favorite: Let's Go to Target

9. The Black Eyed Peas
First Song: Where Is The Love?
Fell in Love With: Let's Get It Started
Current Favorite: Let's Get It Started

10 Tech N9ne
First Song: I'm A Playa
Fell in Love With: The Industry Is Punks
Current Favorite: I'm A Playa


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