Bon Jovi addict, hai der.


Mar 11 2012, 22:57

Okay, so, I've never actually written a journal entry on before, but this one is centred around music so I guess it's fitting for here. Right?

Anyway, I went to Scarborough today with my German class and our exchange partners, and basically doped around on the beach for a bit whilst Ben abducted Stieg, my iPod, and forced me to listen to Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon and Seaside Rendezvous, because he's mental-obsessed with Queen and he therefore decided that torturing his friend's poor, innocent, depleted-of-battery-power iPod to play a Queen album at almost full volume was a good idea. I snatched Stieg back pretty fast after those two songs were done.

Anyway, I also went shopping (looking for a retro vinyl store called Record Revivals, which turned out to be closed on Sundays, bah), and found Undiscovered Soul and This Left Feels Right, both of which I will be listening the living shit out of tomorrow no doubt when I go to get my ear pierced (skipping extra German, boo hiss, bad girl), and I might skip along to Rebound Vinyls in York, too...

Woo, I talk too much.


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