The week Daniel never had a number 1 album....


Mar 23 2008, 2:17

Now, on my overall albums chart (depending on what day you'll look at this), you will notice that there is a gap between 48 (Madonna's Something to Remember album) and #50 (Kylie Minogue's Hits +)

The reasons for this aren't clear,so this means that instead of my album chart going down to 100, it instead goes to 101 (squeezing in Goldfrapp's Black Cherry).

One possible album that may invisibily be taking that place is the lovely Dragonette and their only album, Galore.When i got momentarily obsessed with them last October, i played Galore quite a bit and as such, expected to see it as my #1 album on the week of October 7th.

BUT NO!!!!

There is no number one!!! I certainly haven't seen that before, nor haven't since. If you look a bit down that list, you will see that I Get Around has charted at #18 with 6 plays,which i believe may have been from the remixes on the single,although the I Get Around single was, for a long time, mis-tagged as an album rather than just a single.

It's all sooooo weird.


  • dsh1985

    Were you bored last night?

    Mar 23 2008, 21:33
  • idiotsdream

    Are you bored right now?

    Mar 23 2008, 21:37
  • Kewbs


    Mar 24 2008, 1:18
  • idiotsdream

    Andy! We haven't talked in a week! Wait,why am i saying this here? *trundles off to your shoutbox*

    Mar 24 2008, 1:21
  • soratami

    How random.

    Mar 24 2008, 14:38
  • soratami

    Fantastic taste by the way.

    Mar 24 2008, 14:44
  • idiotsdream

    Oh thank you! And i am quite random so that explains a lot ;).

    Mar 24 2008, 16:25
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