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Ott 31 2005, 0:06

Many people have downloaded one of Superior's songs entitled "Not with me" under the name As I Am. You may well have this file if it's 3:34 in duration; As I am is a lot longer.

Anyway, this band is almost entirely unheard of. Many will say it's because they are esoteric; they are sort of like Dream Theater JR. Nonetheless, if you are in to Dream Theater or any other uberprog-metal band, you won't go far wrong with these guys.
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  • ElBarto86

    I think the band you mean is Superior, one of their albums is called Younique.

    Nov 5 2005, 18:06
  • id552 Thanks. I didn't know amazon put things that way around.

    Nov 7 2005, 18:15
  • Bad_Seed

    That happened to me too, I got Not with Me and Nothing labeled as songs from Train of Thoughts. Searching for the lyrics in Google and Yahoo I discovered that they were songs from this german band and now I love Younique and Ultra Live.

    Gen 8 2006, 22:05
  • Lunarsight

    Behind and Ultima Ratio by Superior are also fantastic albums. The vocalist actually sounds somewhere between Tate from Queensryche and Mike Baker from Shadow Gallery. Their bassist is absolutely fantastic.

    Feb 10 2006, 2:04
  • evizaer

    Superior is a very good progressive metal band. I downloaded Younique labelled as Train of Thought. I like Younique more than the real ToT. :) Their earlier album, Behind, is pretty damn good, too.

    Mar 6 2006, 22:04
  • berty_bert

    I know what you mean. Downloaded As I Am and i was like what the heck. this isnt DT...

    Ott 13 2006, 5:21
  • Mousum

    Same-thing happened to me also.

    Ott 9 2010, 1:04
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