• Paradise haiku.

    Mag 6 2009, 18:51

    I went to a show at the Paradise last night, and the following haiku describe the second band's set. I won't mention them by name. Thanks to godsavegravy for pointing out the bass player, and for calling the lead singer a "fake Joey Ramone."

    An epileptic
    poured into his jeans, too loud:
    the second band sucks.

    The writhing is old.
    Everything’s a parody,
    fake Joey Ramone.

    The bass player’s hair
    seems to move as one unit,
    coiffed asymmetry.

    When awesome haircuts
    are all you have going on,
    the band’s in trouble.

    Fake Joey twisting
    his girl-hips makes me never
    want to screw again.

    The built bartender
    gathers his singles neatly
    beside greener limes.

    I just realized
    we can see down women’s shirts
    from the balcony.

    Shamrock tat above
    cleavage is not something you want
    to see from above.

    The crowd throbs dancing,
    although irregularly—
    a big, sick, dark, heart.
  • Pitchfork: Dramatis Personae

    Lug 21 2008, 22:14

    I went to the final day of the Pitchfork Music Festival yesterday. Even though it was really freaking hot and I got bug bites all over my feet, it was a good time. I saw High Places, Apples in Stereo, Les Savy Fav, M. Ward, and Bon Iver - and I enjoyed all the sets. A very good deal for $30. I was going to stay for Spoon, but I was tired and dirty, and ready to leave. Which meant I got on the el before everyone else. Score.

    In Time Out Chicago magazine, and on the back of these paper fans that were handed out, were some "scavenger hunt" type things, asking you to find various hipster attributes, like rain boots or babies with ironic t-shirts. I did see a lot of these things, but I also kept my own running list. Most of this was observed at the beginning of the day, because I started caring more about the music as the day went on.

    I took the train in from the suburbs; the following trio was sitting below me:
    a girl in a t-shirt with music notes on it eating some celery and peanut butter she'd packed, a guy with one of those Dean Martin hats with a pack of Pall Malls in his shirt pocket, and a girl studying a book on Tarot with a pack of cards. Behind them was a grown woman with a purse in the form of a stuffed dog and a blue and white lace headband. I don't know if she was going to Pitchfork or not, but it was awesome nonetheless.

    Also spotted:
    pink plastic Backstreet Boys backpack
    "Es muss sein" tattoo
    so many shirtless guys with neckerchiefs
    a 15-year-old very elaborately trying to smoke pot surreptitiously
    someone behind me trash-talking the House of Blues ("don't EVER go's SO horrible)
    several leather headbands with feathers & beads hanging off of them
    a drunk woman trying to convince her new best friend to switch from Parliaments to some other kind of cigarette
    a girl basically dressed as the Statue of Liberty without the crown
    3-D glasses
    a girl who had written "Cellar Door" on her messenger bag
    a guy wondering aloud why everyone was waiting to see Bon Iver: "Spiritualized is playing right now. Why aren't you checking them out?" Um, dude, you're standing here too.

    and the following on t-shirts:
    Free ODB
    God Bless Iraq
    Kimya Dawson loves me
    so many t-shirts from , Achewood, and Married to the Sea

    I did not, unfortunately, see anyone knitting in the dirt. I may, however, not have been looking hard enough.
  • The Best Mix Tape Ever

    Giu 22 2008, 22:13

    I was helping my mom clean out her garage today and found a box full of VHS and mix tapes. One of them was a tape I consistently refer to as "the best mix tape ever." This is clearly not an objective measure, but I still love listening to it, and it really was perfect for the moment in time my friend Clare made it. It's called "Elizabeth is the big one eight," which makes its approximate date of creation April 19, 2001. Which you can probably tell from a lot of the songs. I totally forgot about that Lucy Nation song and how I used to be OBSESSED with it. That was always the song I timed to end as I was pulling into the driveway.

    Side A: H.S. Angst
    Black and White
    Wide Open Spaces
    Never Is Enough
    Just the Two of Us
    She Works Hard for the Money
    Silent All These Years
    Mr Jones
    Perfect Day

    Side B: College Angst
    Mother Mother
    Adam's Song
    Last Dance With Mary Jane
    Come On Eileen
    On The Roof Again
    Rain King
    Midnight Train To Georgia
    Semi-Charmed Life

    and then clips from movies and songs referring to various topics, such as Kate Winslet and Empire Records.
  • From today, March is just two weeks away

    Feb 14 2008, 0:06

    That line is not true this particular February 14, but it is in one of the songs on my (highly anticipated) Valentine's Day mix. It's subdivided into sections, because I'm pretentious. It also has the added bonus of containing a song written by someone I actually dated. (That's and Elton John.) This is clearly not comprehensive, also.

    Part I: There Is No Love, Only Sex
    Fuck and Run - Liz Phair
    The Taste of You - Erin McKeown
    Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks
    I Don't Love Anyone - Belle & Sebastian
    Hey Ya - Outkast
    Mr. Right Now - the Nields

    Part II: Maybe There's Love, But It's Probably Fucked-Up
    Leather - Tori Amos
    Mary Kay - Jill Sobule
    Lily (My One and Only) - Smashing Pumpkins
    Divorce Song - Liz Phair

    Part III: I Don't Quite Get Love But I Wish I Did
    Last Kisses - the Nields
    As Is - Ani DiFranco
    February - Dar Williams
    Love, Love, Love - the Organ

    Part IV: I Want Love (Just a Different Kind)
    If You See the One - Rebecca Katz
    As Cool as I Am - Dar Williams
    Polyester Bride - Liz Phair
    I Want Love - Elton John