My Favorite Female Artists (updated 4/1/11)


Apr 1 2011, 8:12

* Lady Artists I'd Love to Meet *
....and why....

#1 Emma Anzai ~ Sick Puppies

Sick Puppies Mini-Song List

(1) All The Same
(2) My World
(3) Pitiful
(4) What Are You Looking For


#2 Olivia Merilahti

Why Olivia? ~ Well, to save words and space, I highly recommend you go to YouTube and do a search on Olivia Merilahti and you'll quickly see her singing and showing how comfortable she is in front of a camera. She and Dan Levy are the duo called "The Do". Check 'em out!


#3 Gwen Stefani

Why Gwen? ~ Hell, are you blind?


#4 Kate Miller-Heidke

Why Kate? ~ She's quirky but cute. Her songs range from funny to serious ~ Everytime I jump on my motorcycle, I get her song "Motorscooter" in my head and I become Jimmy from "Quadrophenia".

Every time I see you it's like I'm in Quadrophenia
I'm a mod again
I hold on tight to your Italian leather jacket
And I sniff it in...

Enjoy Kate Miller-Heidke's song ~ "Motorscooter"


#5 Marie Digby

Why Marie? ~ I'm one of those that got caught in her viral YouTube video singing Umbrella in 2007, and I became a Digby fan. She just has that simple non-commercialized appeal. Check out this Marie Digby Video for an example. Marie has released three albums and she is absolutely adored in Japan, and of course ~ by me.


#6 Joan Jett

Why Joan? ~ Like a fine wine, Joan just gets better with age. I had a little help with this one ~ so a little credit goes to LastFM friend and rocker Jaqui ~ for not only getting me to listen to Joan Jett lately, but influencing this selection. For those of you that love to rock, Neil Young said it best, "...hey hey my my...rock-n-roll will never die..." I think he had Joan in mind when he wrote those lyrics.


#7 KT Tunstall

Why KT? ~ I tend to be sucker for that voice that just lures you in to listen. I really didn't get into KT until she released her acoustic album "Acoustic Extravaganza" in 2006. Then I immediately had to have more leading to a purchase of "Eye to The Telescope". I'll add more KT to my library, and I'm looking forward to her new release of "Tiger Suit" due out in October. Or maybe it's just that impish smile and almond eyes. Sometimes it's just hard to stay focused on the music.


#8 Aja Volkman

Why Aja? ~ If you follow my blog at all, you'll know that Aja replaced Betty Boop on here. Aja is part of the band Nico Vega, which was named after a band member's mother. He's no longer in the band ~ go figure. Aja has a voice range that just kicks ass! They released their first album in 2009. I'm hoping they stay active.



  • CrybKeeper

    Uh-hm, nice to see Emma Anzai at #1. You should check out Duffy. Think you will certainly have another female vocalist in your list with Duffy ;-) Also, one of the bands I work with is Dig Jelly - Rayko can sing beautiful, moody lyrics, rap or scream metal with the best of 'em.

    Lug 4 2011, 17:04
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