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Feb 17 2010, 12:39

Fri 12 Feb – Utada "In the Flesh" 2010 :]
Utada / 宇多田ヒカル Last Concert Tour

Ripped from my blog

When I got there, the DJ was spinning a few good tracks, mostly house, techno and funky but it was pretty good. Hikki said she found her spinning in a club she went to and she really liked the tracks she played~ so she asked her for the artist and track names, then she inivited her to go on tour with her~ so she's really lucky >o<

Now for the actual review~ Hikki was awesome<3 I loved the way she really interacted with the crowd in both English and Japanese.. the crowd was so multi-cultural. People for all over Europe and Japan came to watch her final performance in Lonond and on her tour. She spoke to us like they were close friends, she even spoke about her clothes, the weather, things she liked about London etc. It was a very good experience. I didn't know what she was saying in Japanese~ but it sounded SO COOL! ;D

The performance was outstanding~ she performed the tracks:

* On & On
* Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
* Poppin'
* This One (Crying Like A Child)
* Passion -> Sanctuary
* Sakura Drops (keyboard)
* Stay Gold (keyboard)
* Devil Inside
* Kremlin Dusk
* You Make Me Want To Be A Man
* The Bitter End - Placebo cover
* Apple & Cinnamon
* Come Back To Me
* First Love
* Can You Keep A Secret?
* Automatic
* Dirty Desire

But I gotta admit, the place where I was standing, the crowd could have been a lot more lively, I mean there was a guy just standing still.. not going anything throughout the entire concert. I was like "This is a concert, not a TV show. Why would you come and stand like a scarecrow for 2 hours?!"
(I never really said that to him, but I said it to my friends~ they saw him and agreed with me) =P The only people that were cheering where I was was me and my friends and a group of people from Portugal! But they were alive and cheered with us ^-^ I mean it's hard to cheer for someone when you're surrounded by people going nothing right? =/ If we were a bit closer~ it would have been a lot more lively!

There were some songs I didn't know by her, but they were awesome.. downloaded them as soon as I got home<3 After her performance, we didn't want her to leave so my and my friends got the crowd to cheer for an encore. The atmosphere then was really strong~ we chanted for about 10 minutes. Then her band came back on stage and everyone started clapping. Then she came out and said the next songs she'll sing will really be her last. And she sung:

* Encore:
* Simple & Clean
* Me Muero

The encore was absolutely amazing~ I loved every bit of it. This is where she threw out her Kuma balls (note: They are baseballs she drew herself of a bear and something related to the place she was in and she autographed the back), everyone was jumping for them, but only the people in the front/middle could get them (excludes me >.>) then the drummer in her group threw his drum sticks into the crowd.

Considering this was my first Asian concert I've been to, it was definitely a concert to remember. I was suprised that there wasn't no merchandise to buy though :( -sigh- I'm gonna keep my ticket as a souvenir<3
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  • Juicy_ho

    Work. I was there alot of people were stood there doing nothing. I didn't like the audience at all. I had a good time though woo

    Feb 24 2010, 23:47
  • iPocky_Fanatic

    I know, the audience was disgraceful~ but i had a blast :D

    Feb 24 2010, 23:49
  • Tough-Luck

    I couldn't grab tickets in time. Can't believe I missed her last show in America. x(

    Dic 13 2010, 22:44
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