2deep4u 80s hawaiian pi vhs flickering through sega genesis circuits ambient animal collective art post-punk bawwcore black metal brotrap casio-hop crackgaze extremely overrated facepalm fridgecore future of visual kei goosebumps have a nice life hipster black metal hipster shit if this song were a girl i would fuck her or at least touch her tits if this were a pokemon i would catch it in the vaporwave family indie j-pop k-pop kill it with fire kills brain cells meme rap mucore noise pop only good song by a band openupya openupya outsider outsider music pedophile post avant-garde metal post vaporwave post-avant blackened shoegrind post-based post-ironic progressive dreamgaze post-lil b post-rock post-swag post-vaporwave pretentious pretentious shit proto animal collective proto indie proto-animal collective proto-noise proto-shoegaze proto-stoner pseudo intellectuals pseudo-intellectuals psychedelic vaporwave real hip hop sad sadcore shoegaze sleeping aids spam spammers sucks so much supa dupa kawaii superior japanese music the beatles tribute band the black asap rocky there is no god thief this artist should kill himself this artist will die a virgin this is bullshit this is how music will sound in the future so you either jump in the bandwagon or die this isnt music this music lowers my iq this shit sucks this shouldnt exist toby driver tolkiencore tumblrcore vaporwave viperware viperwave wannabe opeth what is this i dont even what the fuck is this shit whats the point of this why does this exist witch house revival worse than brokencyde worst band in the history of music worthless piece of shit