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Ott 28 2008, 6:09

Put your music player on shuffle....use the song titles as your answers

Story of your life...

What should they have played when you were born?:
XandriaOn My Way
Sounds promising.

What song will people play at your funeral?:
Lacuna Coil - To the Edge
Interesting... but maybe too upbeat for a funeral dirge..?

What song will you play at your wedding?:
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
Oh man, I almost squealed with delight. :D I love love love this song. Though, for my wedding... haha, I hope it's not an omen of things to come necessarily.

What song will you play at your 50th birthday party?:
Nightwish - The Islander
Yum. Love this song. Kind of sad for a 50th birthday party, though.

If you get your dream life...

What song will you dance to when you win the lottery?:
My Chemical Romance - Romance
I don't really see this as a happy dance sort of song, but oh well.

What song will you play when you get your dream job?:
Elis - How Long
Um, lol, this song would work a lot better if I was looking for a dream job.

What song will you play when you discover your own island?:
Linkin Park - Rhinestone
I mean, I know that this is the "Forgotten" demo, and I love "Forgotten", but this totally doesn't match. Unless it's like an island of angst.

What song will you play when you rule the world?:
*hopes and prays and crosses fingers for Kamelot's "Rule the World"*
Muse - Megalomania
Hey! That could work!

What song will you play when you're in heaven?:
Morgana Le Fay - voulez-vous
Haha, that's... interesting.

What song makes you feel...

Kamelot - Millenium
Man, why can't the production be better on this track. Maybe then I'd be happy. :)

Muse - Assassin
Are ya barking mad? This song totally pumps me up.

Linkin Park - The Little Things Give You Away
No. Isn't this song about Hurricane Katrina's devastation in New Orleans? Oh Hurricane Katrina, the little things give you awaaaaaaaaay. Totally not turning me on.

Kamelot - A Sailorman's Hymn
No way, man. D: This song is sad and peaceful and and and... so pretty.

New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra - Depth of Brinstar
Um. Not really. I'm not really jealous of Kraid or of anything in the Metroid universe.

Within Temptation - Forsaken (Live)
Nooooooooooooo. LOL.

Kamelot - Prologue
Um... no. Well, okay, it's a bit ominous with the wispy strings and the crackly twigs burning.

Kamelot - On the Coldest Winter Night
Kind of... yeah, it works. Gosh, this song is so pretty. <3

Oh darn, I don't have Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" in my library.
Within Tempation - All I Need
I dunno. I don't really feel beautiful listening to this song, but I think it's a pretty song. Not as beautiful as "Forgiven", but nice all the same.

What song makes you feel like you're an armadillo?:
LOL What kind of question is this?!
Nightwish - Nightquest
Ahaha, I have to say... this track just isn't giving me those precious armadillo vibes.

What song makes you feel like you can fly?:
Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
Ahhhh, no. This song makes me think of nightmares and chains and stuff.

What song makes you cry?:
Fall Out Boy - The Carpal Tunnel Of Love
I don't think that a single FOB song makes me cry. Granted, this song isn't as upbeat and cheery as some of their other stuff, but still...

What song makes you feel like dancing?:
Kalan Porter - Down In Heaven
Oh crap. What's this doing in my library? Oh right. I downloaded this for my mom and was just trying it out to hear if it worked.

What song makes you feel like being emo?:
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Aw, HECK NO. This song makes me want to dance. Oddly enough, rock and metal songs make me want to dance far more than pop or dance songs.

What song makes you feel like a donut?:
Metric - Succexy
Like a succexy donut maybe. LOL

What song reminds you of your childhood?:
Kamelot - Season's End
Sort of. But this song is so nice and so sad and so beautiful.

What song reminds you that life sucks?:
Linkin Park - One Step Closer

What song makes you eat compulsively?:
My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
o_O I don't think that any songs make me eat compulsively.

What song makes you nervous?:
Epica - Feint
Eh, no. I don't find Epica's stuff to make me very nervous at all.

What song makes you need to pee?:
What on earth..?
Elis - Remember the Promise
I don't think that any songs make me feel the urge to "go". And definitely not this song. Angst doesn't cause urination. Well, for me it doesn't anyway.

This song describes...

Kamelot - Can you remember
Well, I do have a shorter than short term memory. :D

Your mom:
K. K. Slider - Lucky K. K.
LOL HAHA. Animal Crossing voices for the epic win. x) Oh, and this song totally describes how I interpret what my mom says: gibberish.

Your dad:
Nightwish - Beauty and the Beast
Um. Naw. Well. If he's mad, he can be pretty darn scary. LOL Beauty.

Your best friend:
Kamelot - Providence
Uh... not really. Maybe if I had a ballerina friend who was in Swan Lake or something... ('Cause oh my goodness, this song starts softly and slowly.)

Your stalker:
I hope I don't have one, but...
Andrew Lloyd Webber - The Music of the Night
Hey, that'd be pretty cool. I'd totally befriend my stalker. :O

Your school:
Kamelot - One Day
Yeah, more like "one day I'll leave this place".

Your life:
Evanescence - My Last Breath (Live)
Oh dear. That doesn't sound all that ground. Lovely song, but still...

Your death:
Within Temptation - All I Need (Live)
Man, how many times have I complained about my iTunes'/iPod's shuffling disabilities?
I think that this song could work, though.

Your attitude towards life:
ABBA - Take a Chance on Me
Sure, this works. :D


  • XxcrimisonxK

    This reminds me of WHAT IF YOUR LIFE WAS A SOUNDTRACK. Which I also stole from you. I'll try this later, AFTER THE STUPID MILLENIUM AWARD.

    Nov 9 2008, 3:14
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