• 10.000.... finally!!!

    Dic 9 2006, 4:16

    It is about 4:44am on dec 9th when I started playing my 10.000th track, scrobbled here on Last.FM and as music really does make me feel burning with passion and life and also with every track makes me feel like being reborn a bit, this memorable track simply had to be "Phoenix" by Decoded Feedback.

    Each and every time I have played that track, it sent shivers down my spine !!! I honoustly don't know why, but it simply does. I hope that by the time I get to my 6-digit track it still does, so I won't have to think twice on what that track should be! :))
  • 10. Elektrisch! Festival at Zwickau's BPM Club

    Ott 16 2006, 22:49

    Hummmm! How do you start your very first journal entry on Last.FM... well I for one haven't got a clue, so I'll just put some words together and see where it leads me.

    "YOU'RE FREAKING INSANE" was what I got to hear most when I told people I was planning to go to Zwickau in order to see some bands play live music. Well, those who reacted in that way obviously don't consider that horrific noise to be "music" anyway so it absolutely didn't bother me one bit what they thought of me there.
    On the other hand, driving 7hrs to go and see six bands and then driving back, I think, isn't something the average fan does (well I might be wrong of course)... so perhaps they were right after all.

    Who were going to be there? Well, planned were the following nice people : To Avoid, Human Decay, Neotek, Cyborg Attack, Absurd Minds and SITD. Then, a couple of days before the gig was happening, I went and checked out the concert's web page and found out Neotek had to cancel their participation and a replace act was found in Final Selection, a bit of a shame, but hey, that was no reason enough for me to cancel the trip :)

    I managed to convince my friend S. to come along, so I was in good company as well and I needn't be affraid to fall asleep behind the wheel on the way to and fro... hahah some girls can talk for hours and hours ;)

    With my tickets and hotel reservation taken care of, we got going at half past five am. This would leave us sufficiant time to drive out there at ease and spent some time in Zwickau strolling around town before heading of to the BPM Club.

    Then however it didn't took us long in order to find out that someone had decided to turn the mighty "Deutsche Autobahn" into one big construction-site... so it seemed we were constantly racing from one construction speedlimit to another... and then, of course, the inevitable happened at approx 40km of our destination... yeah, we got stuck in a trafficjam. I started to feel slightly (hummm. understatement??)desperate when finally after 3hrs. stand still, traffic started moving again!! Well, strolling around Zwickau, we could forget about that. Just rush directly to the hotel, take a shower, dress up and of we went to the club.

    There, it didn't take too long before the gig set of with To Avoid. I quite liked their set which was completed with some nice video works. Despite all of that, I was starting (heheh, for the second time that day) to feel desperation coming over me again, as the audience seemed to remain quite "static" to this music that, in my opinion, was inviting to move enough. As this remained just alike through the Final Selection and Human Decay set (which obviously wasn't harsh enough to my liking) just as well, I had made up my mind I wasn't going to leave it to that for Cyborg Attack. Well, it seemed I wasn't the only one who had made up his mind to that, hahahah.... after about 3 seconds in their set, I realised I found myself at the edge of the moshpit and I was going to be able to play a game of "human pinball". The "Elektro stompers" that had filled the floor made sure I was going to have great fun throughout the entire Cyborg Attack set! Thanks for that guys!! Absurd Minds, of course had attracted quite another type of fans to the front rows... it seemed like it had become "girlpower" time, so that enabled me to enjoy the actual singing a bit more !! Hey, "enjoyable" was the least one could say about that.

    Unfortunately, us, old folks, by that time had become so tired, we decided to get back to the hotel, in order to get fit enough the next day to drive back home safely. So after all, my wish and the main reason why at first I decided to go to Zwickau (seeing SITD) play live) never got fulfilled (*gets mixed feelings about that now*). Well I'll just have to go and see the some other time then, now won't I.

    The trip back home made me wonder if Germans like to spend their Sundays driving from "Raststätte" to "Raststätte"? Anyway, we managed to drive home safely and luckily without any major delays this time. So all that remains for me to say about this was that I had a marvelous time and enjoyed some really nice music over there in the far country of Saxony... well perhaps I'll return there "someday" (Leipzig?,Dresden?,...who knows?) :)))

    Oufff, thank god I don't need to write a report like this everyday... wonder if this is going to be my first and last journalposting or if there are more to come... we'll see!