Nine Inch Nails, Brisbane Riverstage Setlist


Mag 8 2007, 2:44


  • Shea00

    They didn't play much off of Year Zero, but I enjoyed it regardless. I liked the setlist a lot actually, I liked that they covered a few albums rather than sticking to mostly one album and a few favourite songs. Enjoyed it much more than their last concert here in 2005, anyway. Any thoughts?

    Mag 8 2007, 5:22
  • rhilton66

    Help Me I'm In Hell, Eraser and La Mer helped break things up a bit in the insane mosh. I was hoping they would at least play Capital G, but they played everything else I wanted to hear: Burn, Survivalism, The Big Come Down, Head Like A Hole. Awesome show overall.

    Mag 8 2007, 5:52
  • sazzleburger

    The show was so awesome. I especially loved Survivalism and The Big Come Down. Was anyone else not disppointed that they didn't have an encore? What is up with that? I was devestated!!

    Mag 8 2007, 7:35
  • SoundOfFalling

    the energy in survivalism was unlike anything i have ever seen before.

    Mag 8 2007, 8:51
  • houmam

    I thought the show was very well put together, the set list was a bit of everything, a great mish mash of songs. I definitely preferred this show over their show in 2005 (though I did miss the giant background light boards they had at last years show). I dont think they did an encore then either (there were a few articles floating around at the time with their no encore policy, i think it was in a triple j podcast interview too). I think Aaron North did enough damage to his guitar and amp at the end to justify the lack of an encore anyway :)

    Mag 8 2007, 8:53
  • cina30

    NIN never play an encore. Once you hear Head Like A Hole you know it's all over. Holy shit it was an awesome night. I danced so much that I am still in pain. Lots of pain.. Thank god for Help Me I'm In Hell, Eraser and La Mer, I really needed a break! I can't believe they played Down In It. It was hilarious.

    Mag 9 2007, 0:35
  • UltimoGogoz

    I hadn't heard Down In It for ages!! I'd heard a rumour that Trent didn't like to perform it anymore because he felt it was no longer relevant, but he must've changed his mind. It was an awesome setlist, I was very chuffed at the selection of songs off The Fragile (No You Don't and The Big Come Down Hooray!!). And I loved the rain, fricken brill!! It really enhanced the atmosphere hahahaha!!

    Giu 22 2007, 17:19
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