Infected Mushroom feat. Jonathan Davis - Smashing the Opponent


Mar 9 2012, 17:41

This is the 1st taste from Infected Mushroom's 7th studio album Legend Of The Black Shawarma, 2 years since the release of their critically acclaimed Vicious Delicious album. For Smashing The Opponent, Infected Mushroom joins forces with Jonathan Davis, lead singer of Korn. Together they push the boundaries of electro-trance-rock more radically than ever.

The single boasts state of the art remixes, fresh and innovative works from all corners of the global electronic music scene, filthy electro beats from Timo Mass, uplifting club treatments from Adam White, futuristic psytrance from Xerox and Illumination, Industrial rock from Robert Vadney and a trip-hop mix from J.Viewz.

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