<3 absolutely love acoustic adieu awesome awesomeness backpapier beautiful best band ever best song ever better than radiohead big love bittersuess brilliant compulsive repeat listenings dear song: i love you dear song: i will stop sleeping for you doch ganz gut dont get big cause i want you all to myself early mornings ekstase explorations of the human psyche ezra koenig fun with geometry geht so giftig glorious vagina great lyrics gut haunting hyper hyper i love you if this song was a person id bang it incredible inspirierend late night tales late nights leaving liebe liebeliebe lieder zu denen man gut kuchen backen kann love love at first listen love love love luv luv luv magnifique make this song go on forever makes me happy makes me want to get up and dance masterpiece meh melancholy most underrated band ever motivating mrrrr music for a sunset music to chase squirrels by nette leute new york city nostalgia now my life is sweet like cinnamon oldies perfect to listen to while leaving the planet perfection reminds me of winter roeschoesch gut saturday morning sea songs seen live sexxxeeeeeyyyy shoegaze so tolle musik dass dafuer mein kater sogar seine milch opfern wuerde sometimes i want to disappear songs about home songs die so gut sind das ich meiner oma ihr klein haeuschen zwar nicht verkaufen… songs i can relate to songs that i will still be listening to in a billion years soundtrack of my life striptease stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood submarine sucks summer sunday morning sweet lethargy sweet summer nostalgia sweetness tanzentanzen the sound of the waves collide time means nothing want to see live wertvoll whats his star sign i didnt get it yes please