• rice dream

    Apr 19 2008, 1:02

    ice cream is theee shit.staying home tonight,my futon needs me.really.
  • cant have my cake and eat it too?

    Feb 26 2008, 6:38

    I'm 16 going on 17.Im not rich nor do i have a wealthy family,but we make it.Graduation is a year away,but recently Ive found something in me.A desire to be successful in life.I look up to my parents they've done well,seeing that they can provide for 2 kids and keep us satisfied.Looking at them though I know that what they have isnt what they wanted,its all they could do.Following in their footsteps isnt what i want.I want to be able to provide for myself and my family.I want to love my job,and be happy with what im doing.I want to look back when im older and know that i succeeded.I know it may seem crazy,but im willing to do everything i can to be on top,and stay there.Maybe then will i be pleased.

    Feb 23 2008, 1:40

    ive pretty much overused the word nappy this week.