"Heaven and Hell" live in Prague: The Blackest Sabbath


Giu 26 2007, 11:21

Mon 25 Jun – Heaven And Hell

So they came to my city. It was announced so late and the promotion was poor... And so was the attendance. But not only because of that...

Today many times more poeple are going to see Ozzy Osbourne with Korn ! as a supporting act. Bleah... I am ashamed... My country's musical tastes suck so much. Not-trendy bands have no chance to fill up the arenas. Bands I like (Trouble or Cathedral for example) never visit my land.

But despite everything, the second incarnation of the heavy rock gramps Black Sabbath finally, though it was unsure to the last time, visited us. And average age at the gig was something like 50 I think...

Shame, shame, shame...


01. Intro - E5150
02. The Mob Rules
03. Children Of The Sea
04. I
05. Sign Of The Southern Cross
06. Voodoo
V. Appice solo
07. Computer God
08. Falling Off The Edge Of The World
09. Shadow of the Wind
T. Iommi solo
10. Die Young
11. Heaven And Hell
12. Neon Knights


After Sabbath's drugs caused disintegration in the late 70s, when all the original members were almost dead because of cocaine and the stuff, Iommi almost decided to quit Sabbath and that would bring nothing but it's end. But at last he found Ronnie Dio and they wrote together immediately the track Die Young ... (The direction was darker then the original heavy and still "hippie" Sabbath (their words)... they kept the social criticism and life's confusion themed songs, often misinterpreted as satanic... and this misinterpretation lasts: a week ago some christian magazine wrote that all christians should pray because occulte satanic band Sabbath behind the masking name "Heaven and Hell" has a gig in our land.. :)) they should read "After Forever" lyrics! Sabbath were more christian than satanists... ) anyway, cooperation with Dio worked and then they realeased two albums: Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules , now regarded as classics. Another album released with Dio was Dehumanizer released after the short reunion in the early 90s.


These three LPs gave the material for this " Heaven and Hell" tour - reunion ater 15 years...

- They played the shortened settlist, but it included my favourite tracks

- There were some problems with sound and the mix, but after the opening songs it was solved and sound was good

- all the members, respecting their age played their instruments perfectly

- Iommi's solos changed a lot, he played more of the modern screaming stuff... and I prefer his slower melodic solos known from the 70s. Still he stays as my favourite gutarist. He was unusually active on the stage, he was walking, he was showing "horns" and after one song he embraced Geezer! Such a great gramp!

- highlights included the heavy epics
The Sign of the Southern Cross and Falling Off the Edge of the World, the anthem of "ecological awareness" Children of the Sea, the wicked hymn of "over-technicialization awareness"Computer God and the heavy narcissim satyre track I

- I disliked the long version of "Heaven and Hell", it lacked complexity and intensity...

- Dio's singing was awesome, except for "Neon Knights"

- I think that the faster songs were much weaker than the above mentioned highlights - Sabbath ruled in what it's known for: heavy crawls. "Mob Rules", the title and my least favourite track from my favourite Dio-Sabbath album, was wrecked by the bad sound... "Neon Knights" as I said by Dio's singing... So "Die Young" was the only faster one I loved.

- I was crazy headbanging and jumping, I enjoyed it. If you have a chance, definitely go see them! They're not the youngest (born in the late 40s) it might be your last chance!


  • spirit_crusher

    No Ozzy era songs? They're coming here next week and I'm hesitating whether to go see them.

    Giu 27 2007, 17:53
  • honcuk

    they do only Dio stuff.... see them, if there are any tracks with Dio you like, definitely go see them!

    Giu 27 2007, 20:47
  • Saf_1

    Whoa good journal! What did you think of Down and Megadeth? And I wouldn't be ashamed of your country's music taste; it tends to be paralleled by most other countries.

    Giu 30 2007, 20:26
  • honcuk

    Sadly, I didn't see Down and Megadeth, they were supporting only in US... fuck, I love both these bands... and we didn't have any support... Indeed worldwide taste sucks, but ours even more... Good bands never come here, they have no audience...

    Giu 30 2007, 21:14
  • Bloopy

    I'm going to see Heaven and Hell next month, even though I'm not a fan of Dio. I'm just glad to be able to see half of the original Black Sabbath, and I'm sure they'll be great. Maybe I will be a Dio fan afterwards!

    Lug 24 2007, 4:10
  • Sureker

    I saw Heaven And Hell live last summer in Sauna Open Air Metal Festival. It was one of the best live performances I've ever seen. I wish Geezer would have played a solo too.

    Mar 6 2008, 8:30
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