Shuffle World Cup.. thingum.


Mag 21 2007, 1:12

Knicked this from Allison(ChudleyCannons).

Enter Party Shuffle and shuffle 10 random songs. The 1st song on the list faces the 10th, the 2nd faces the 9th and so on. This goes on for 3 more shuffles. That is 40 songs, 20 winners in the first round. Following that there is the second round with 20 songs and 10 winners. The third round is next, 10 songs against one another with the 5 best entering the quarter finals.

From here there is one of two wildcard rounds. Shuffle 10 songs and the best one of the bunch is entered into the competition. That makes 6 songs, 3 winners. Those 3 winners enter the semi finals but before that happens, it is wildcard round number two. One of 10 songs is picked to enter the semi finals. 4 songs, 2 winners. Those 2 songs appear in the final, whoever wins is the best... umm... well i like to feel as i if achieved something here.

Bracket One:
1)How It Ends defeats Neon Bible
2)Karama Police defeats Ask Me Anything
3)Selfless, Cold, and Composed defeats Careful
4)All I Wanna Do Is Rock defeats Neighbourhood #2(Laika)
5)Province defeats Modern Romance

Bracket Two:
l)Little Bird defeats If She Wants Me
2)CHANGES defeats Maps
3)Tchaparian defeats Jonathon Frisk
4)Somewhere Else defeats Utopia
5)Charmed Life defeats Random Song
Bracket Three:
1)Disco Infiltrator barely defeats Prison Food
2)Silent Sigh defeats Out In Space only because I don't know Out In Space that well yet
3)Evaporated defeats Soldier Jane
4)Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot defeats Top Tim Rubies
5)Tiny Paintings defeats ramalama(bang bang) with it's cuteness

Bracket Four:
1)Easy defeats Rainbow Silhouette
2)Rock Star defeats I Lost My Dog
3)In Context defeats Sexy Boy
4)Boxing Champ has lovely piano-ness and defeats Black Cadillac
5)I Believe Your Lies defeats Through The Windowpane

1)How It Ends/DeVotchKa defeats Karama Police/Radiohead
2)Selfless, Cold, and Composed/Ben Folds Five comes quite close to, but manages to defeat All I Wanna Do Is Rock/Travis
3)Province/TV On the Radio defeats Little Bird/The Miniatures
4)Changes/Davie Bowie defeats Tchaparian/Hot Chip
5)Somewhere Else/Travis deafeats Charmed Life/The Divine Comedy
6)Disco Infiltrator/LCD Soundsystem defeats Silent Sigh/Badly Drawn Boy
7)Evaporated/Ben Folds Five defeats Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot/The Flaming Lips
8)Tiny Paintings/Architecture in Helsinki manages to defeat Easy/The Beta Band
9)Rock Star/Ben Folds defeats In Context/Field Music
10)I Believe In Your Lies/Eef Barzelay defeats Boxing Champ/Kaiser Chiefs

(dang, this round was hard)
1)Selfless, Cold, and Composed/Ben Folds Five defeats How It Ends/DeVotchKa
2)Province/TVoR defeats Changes/Bowie
3)Somewhere Else/Travis defeats Disco Infiltrator/LCD Soundsystem
4)Evaporated/Ben Folds Five defeats Tiny Paintings/Architecture in Helsinki
5)Rock Star/Ben Folds defeats I Believe In Your Lies/Eef Barzelay

To Be Myself Completely/Belle & Sebastian

1)S, C, and C/Ben Folds Five defeats Province/TVoR
2)Evaporated/Ben Folds Five BARELY defeats Somewhere Else/Travis by
3)To Be Myself Completely/B&S defeats Rock Star/Ben Folds


1)Evaporated/Ben Folds Five defeats S, C, and C/Ben Folds Five
2)Battleships/Travis defeats To Be Myself Completely/B&S

1)Evaporated/Ben Folds Five defeats Battleships/Travis only because I've loved it longer.

*eyes water* That was much harder than I expected.


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