The Police, Auckland, 19/1/08


Gen 27 2008, 11:34

Sat 19 Jan – The Police

Supporting The Police were Fiction Plane and Fergie.

Starting off right on time at 7:30pm were Fiction Plane- I only found out a while before the show that their frontman is Sting's son, so that altered my perceptions of them a bit. Overall I quite enjoyed them: despite not having heard any studio recordings from them, they sounded vaguely like The Killers with some good instrumentation, perhaps a touch of Police sound as well? Anyway they were cool, though not many people seemed to dig them, as with any opening band. [side note- they played for 30 minutes]

I wasn't keen at all on seeing Fergie, so after Fiction Plane I went to walk around and get some food for my lazy companions and missed the first few minutes. I did -hear- it though, cringing so hard at the opening lines of some recorded voice, "the Dutchess is coming!" etc, very cheesy in my opinion.

However when I actually sat down I could see she knew how to put on a good show. Having a full dance group of about 7 people and a full backing band there was a lot to look at. I recognised her songs but could not provide a setlist I'm afraid. People generally responded well to her show (which was a full hour), most of all the young girls there. To mix up the set a bit more Fergie even played a medley of a group of well-known Black Eyed Peas choruses, compact covers of Start Me Up and Mary Jane (I don't personally know the song so don't know who it's by sorry) and finally individual yet substantial instrumentals from each member of her band. 3 clothing changes, one joke about Pineapple Lumps and the song My Humps and one full hour later, not bad at all.

Right on time at 9.30 was the Police, opening with the good crowd favourite Message in a Bottle. There was a good screen setup which let each member me viewable at any one moment for the majority of the time, which was helpful and cool.

The band played really well- you really get to see that they all play their instruments so well. Sting's voice sounded really good in my opinion too, though it was still evident he couldn't reach the same notes he used to. No complaints however.

The setlist (which I'll post below) was good, of course they had to play all the singles but what I found more enjoyable were the less obvious ones- Driven to Tears, Next to You, Invisible Sun etc. Only a handful of my favourite Police songs didn't get played (although they seem to have been played in Europe and America according to Wikipedia) - Spirits in the Material World, The Bed's Too Big Without You and some others.

One other notable thing was Stewart Copeland's big floating cymbal/percussion/xylophone kit, which he got up to play when a song permitted. I got great amusement watching him run quickly back to pick up the sticks and keep playing on the kit. Sting and Andy Summers looked a good team, often going in (provocatively) close to play next to each other and coordinate or talk or just to look cool, I'm not sure what guitarists do in these situations.....The band came out and played song after song, without much obligatory talking in between (but not -too- little). 2 encores also made the experience quite exciting, especially after the cliched Roxanne was done.

Anywho, I came out very satisfied by my first and last ever Police show. So here's the setlist without further ado:

Message in a Bottle
Syncronicity II
Walking on the Moon
Voices Inside My Head / When the World Is Running Down
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Driven To Tears
Hole In My Life
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Wrapped Around Your Finger
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Invisible Sun
Can't Stand Losing You / Regatta De Blanc (the latter being played in the middle of the former, which was really awesome)

Encore 1:
King of Pain
So Lonely
Every Breath You Take

Encore 2:
Next To You

Also, here's the list of setlists off of wiki. We missed out a bit, but that may have been because of the time limit/noise restrictions of Western Springs. No complaints though, great show.


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