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Feb 26 2008, 9:14

starrise's lyrics quiz was really fun even though i knew like one lol, so here is my own version. except that i did THIRTY FIVE, because i am excessive like that, and cannot sleep. :)

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play.
Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

1. For once I want to be the car crash, not always just the traffic jam
Headlights on Dark Roads

2. You know he's not the kind of man who likes to see the world around him crumble to a ball around his feet.

3. We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when
The Man Who Sold the World

4. Sweet Annabelle, as seen reclining on an ocean swell

5. You go your way and I’ll go mine, I’ll try to meet you in a better life

6. I do believe our love's in danger, I might as well be loving air

7. And take a little walk when the worst is to come, when I saw you looking like I never thought

8. I would like to own your photograph, the angels cry to have your photograph

9. If you could see yourself now, baby, it's not my fault, you used to be so in control

10. If I tried, would you still call me son? If I tried, would you call me at all?

Fall Semester

11. Watching terrible tv, it kills all thought, getting spacier than an astronaut
nada surf - Inside of Love

12. I am on, switched on, a sudden clearness, a clarity

13. Didn't mean to leave you hanging on, I didn't mean to leave you all alone

14. I live on a small street, with very small shoes but in a big house, with a big wardrobe.

15. I'm lucky, I can open the door and I can walk down the street

16. You get what you see, I saw a rich fuck given charity

17. Yeah like it or not, like a ball and a chain, all I wanna do is get off

18. My shirt, my hat, my books, a trip to the zoo, my couch, remote, a large coke yea

19. The steady red light on my answering machine means you haven´t called
Steady Red Light

20. Last night I dreamt that I was you. I was dressed all in black with dark glasses and attitude.
No Joy in Mudville

21. I never got to say goodbye, it's harder now that you're away

22. You used to say I had what it takes, I think I did if you meant too little too late

magnolia electric co. - north star

23. I will set it up with you, we will get inside his head

24. The scenery rides by just like floats lost in a parade, where the palms and tumbleweed sail

25. I believe in you and me, I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night

26. Many's the time I ran with you down the rainy roads of our old town

27. I am the biggest hypocrite, I've been undeniably jealous

28. You're telling me I should forget you, but why. And your talking like I never knew you, but that's a lie

29. It started off so well, they said we made a perfect pair

30. It's not what you thought, when you first began it

Wise Up

31. So I look in your direction, but you pay me no attention, do you

32. Well-intentioned architect, constructing what is never finished yet.

33. I'm sleeping tonight with all the wolves, while dreaming of life that's better planned

34. I never slam the door these days, then again, I’m never here.

35. As someone sets light to the first fire of autumn, we settle down to cut ourselves apart
The Past And The Pending

BeulahDeath Cab for CutieMates of StateArab StrapAs Tall As LionsElliott SmithThe Promise RingThe PerishersAlanis MorissetteBloc PartyThe ShinsBand of HorsesThe Magnetic FieldsNada SurfBelle and SebastianBarenaked LadiesDavid BowieJimmy Eat WorldSnow PatrolAimee MannThe Dandy WarholsFive for FightingQueenThe FramesAirRemThe Get Up KidsThe DecemberistsThe Reindeer SectionMagnolia Electric CoColdplayMalcolm MiddletonThe KillersKeaneNew Idea SocietyAir


  • starrise

    1. Headlights On Dark Roads - Snow Patrol

    Feb 26 2008, 13:59
  • hollym101

    yes! :)

    Feb 26 2008, 14:10
  • houssan

    3. David Bowie - The Man Who sold The World

    Feb 26 2008, 17:06
  • shuppashups

    31. Coldplay- shivers

    Feb 26 2008, 17:22
  • jbayone

    13. Jimmy Eat World?

    Feb 26 2008, 20:34
  • hollym101

    maaaaaaybe. lol. which song?? ;)

    Feb 26 2008, 20:35
  • DominoRecords

    4 - The Decemberists Oceanside 35 - The Shins Past And Pending

    Feb 26 2008, 21:55
  • hollym101

    yes and yes :)

    Feb 26 2008, 21:57
  • DominoRecords

    I Think, Bloc Party On

    Feb 26 2008, 22:02
  • hollym101


    Feb 26 2008, 22:08
  • Fizzy_Izzy

    Feb 27 2008, 5:54
  • Fizzy_Izzy

    Sorry, I suck at computer stuff. Like the enter key. 11. Nada Surf, Inside of Love 20. Death Cab, No Joy in Mudville Some great songs there. :D

    Feb 27 2008, 5:57
  • dustcakeboy

    22. Magnolia Electric Co - North Star

    Feb 27 2008, 7:31
  • hollym101

    allll yes :) Fizzy_Izzy: lol. hi!

    Feb 27 2008, 13:37
  • blackdovex

    13. Jimmy Eat World - 12.23.95

    Feb 27 2008, 19:42
  • KHizzem

    10 is fall semester by the get up kids...I can't believe you have that record

    Mar 1 2008, 22:14

    Hi, I'm a friend of Silke, that's how I found you! ;) 27. Alanis Morissette - One

    Mar 4 2008, 8:48

    It bothers me that I can't find the Reindeer Section and Aimee Mann ones...I'll be back! ;)

    Mar 4 2008, 8:58

    Ha!! 30. Aimee Mann - Wise up !!

    Mar 4 2008, 10:17
  • hollym101

    Hi CLOIZ! :) Yes and yes!

    Mar 4 2008, 15:53
  • heiliii

    19. The Perishers - Steady red Light

    Mar 28 2008, 13:39
  • hollym101

    yep! :) thanks for playing!

    Mar 31 2008, 15:12
  • Lauralovestoroc

    8) air- photgraph

    Ago 19 2008, 13:13
  • hollym101

    yes :)

    Ago 24 2008, 4:29

    21. The Opening Taste - Reindeer Section Can't believe I missed that last year....I'm on a mission now to find the Mates Of State one :)

    Mar 2 2009, 21:51
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