Life Soundtrack Meme


Ago 28 2008, 16:58

What a great way to kick this off. No thought required!


You know the drill, iTunes on shuffle, each song answers the question, no cheating.

Opening Credits: Small Town - John Mellencamp
Well, yes. Spent my first years of life on a farm in a beautiful part of NZ. :)

Waking Up: Not Only Human - Heather Nova
Awh! That almost sentimentally fits.

First Day At School: The Last Laugh - Mark Knopfler
Meaning that I was being laughed at? Possibly. Or... that I'm now superior to everyone who laughed at me? Hmmmm... *grins*

Falling In Love: Shelter - Ray LaMontagne
Damn, I hope so. It's a beautiful song, full of hope: "Everything I have to give, I give to you."

Fight Song: Belfast (Penguins and Cats) - Katie Melua
Yes! Other than the languid soundtrack, this battle would all go my way. I defy you to overcome my penguin army!

Breaking Up: Loch Lomond - Runrig
A more abstract link required here - ah, but fate intervenes. She obviously knows this song better than me. ^^ Lyrics: "Too sad we parted in yon shady glen, where the broken heart knows no second spring; where me and my true love will never meet again, on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

Prom: Ne Me Quitte Pas - Florent Pagny
*nods* A very romantic (and heart-breaking) song.

Life: Sweet Lullaby - Deep Forest
The important one - and I get this! The forces like me today. :D Soft, uplifting, instrumental and utterly gorgeous.

Mental Breakdown: Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd
So Mr. Country Singer presides over my mental breakdown. Is this apt? Perhaps I having delusions of angels, or claiming that all the good things in my life are the work of a celestial being.

Driving: Pixies Dance - Korpiklaani
*grins* Driving to this would be a safety hazard, for sure. The poor, frenetic pixies!

Flashback: You, Always You - Patrice
Who is this person? *mock-suspiscious look* Late-night adding again - but he's good, and the title fits. :)

Getting Back Together: Sealed with a Kiss - Bobby Vinton
Now that's odd. If I had just a little less faith in logic... but I don't. Gotta love coincidences!

Wedding: Hymnody - Amethystium
Wonderful! What an ethereal day that would be. I could go all girly on you here, but shall stop myself.

Birth of Child: Byzantium - Cusco
*bursts out laughing* I was a bit lost at how to connect this song, as it's very gentle and soothing - but then it suddenly cut off. Perfect!

Final Battle: Machu Picchu - Medwyn Goodall
Drat. Because I'm not cheating, I'd like to find a link... Somehow. (It is one of my favourite songs, though.) Perhaps - but no, it's too laid-back for a battle. Shuffle's had a bit of a new age bias lately. ^^

Death Scene: One Man's Dream - Yanni
What is this? More instrumentals? *outrage* It would be suitably emotive, however... Mmm, maybe I could see myself dying to this.

Funeral Song: Return to Innocence - Enigma
That's far too appropriate to be angry at, but I was sure there was more than (beautiful, life-affirming) new age music in my library. Perhaps my life will simply be like this... Not that that's a bad thing. ^^

End Credits: Give me some more - Candy Dulfer
Damn right!


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