Beithíoch: New album Dúchas - download for free


Set 17 2011, 12:27

The long awaited new album from Irish black metallers Beithíoch, is available now - complete and free - from "Dúchas" translates roughly to "instinct", or "that which is native", and is inspired by the glacier-torn landscape of Ireland's north.

Stylistically this album throws up a few surprises: much of it moves away from the droney, minimalist style of the debut album (and subsequent EP) towards a sound that has more melodic intricacies and more subtleties in the arrangements. At times this album flirts with an old school doom/death sound whilst at other moments hearkens more to early Gorgoroth, Ancient or Immortal. More importantly though, this album is a serious challenge to the staleness and mediocrity of modern metal.


Dúchas MP3 (RAR Archived)


Front cover - Back cover

Beithíoch's homepage @ Hi.Arc.Tow


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