• GDUP LA Presents DJ Warrior & Julian Ramirez -- GDUP CLASSICS v1.0

    Ago 1 2008, 18:28

    I used to love listening to mixtapes because you get a variety of artists and nice blends. I must say, I have not listened to too many mixtapes lately (not too many I liked anyway)... Maybe because I'm getting older and I enjoy Jazz over Hip Hop? I still love Hip Hop though (Just not as much as I used to)...

    But my friend DJ Warrior gave me a few of his mixtapes (actually, they are mix-cds) and the first one that caught my attention was the GDUP CLASSICA v1.0 (I like the cover artwork). I started to listen to it and immediately loved it! It has a lot of dope West Coast classics, like Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Kurupt, Warren G...

    When listening to music, there is one thing I realized about myself: Any reminders of my youth makes me happy. :) Actually, I believe this to be a recurring theme in my life with all aspects of my life -- from eating dinner at my Mom's to blogging to designing.
  • Dey Know Remix -- Shawty Lo + Ludacris + Young Jeezy + Plies

    Giu 19 2008, 1:52

    Why do I love the remix to "Dey Know"??? I cannot get that song out of my head -- love love love that beat! I didn't even know who Shawty Lo was before this song... I don't think I listened to a song with Plies on it either... I was at The Highlands in Hollywood a couple weeks ago and when the DJ played this song, EVERYBODY went WILD!

    Shawty Lo