merry fucking christmas 2006.


Dic 25 2006, 5:56

hello. it's been christmas for almost an hour now. i'm avoiding sleep on the couch, and listening to the game. i want it to be morning already so i can just open all of my presents and reflect. i hope i got some good shit. i reeeeeally hope it cheers me up. i'm kinda hungry & craving a cigarette. i don't even know why i'm writing this right now. maybe i realized i had no journal entries on my, or maybe i'm still avoiding sleep on the couch, or maybe i'm too lazy to peel my self away from the internet. weird, no? i just get glued right to my PC. it's quite easy while listening to an itunes filled with glorious musicial experiences. why would i want to leave to go pee (even though i'm practically pissing myself), when i could listen to "ol' english" by the game because it's a fucking sick song?! yeah i KNOW the song will be there in 5 minutes because i can just push stop and then play but NO WAY i'm all about instant gratification.


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