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Set 5 2008, 6:20

Another quizy quiz
Favourite bands
1. Pink Floyd
2. Fleetwood Mac
3. Slowdive
4. Porcupine Tree
5. Incubus
6. Hum
7. Failure
8. dredg
9. Radiohead
10. Beirut

Favourite albums (Top 11, I'm narrowing it down to one album per band)
Bare Trees by Fleetwood Mac
Make Yourself by Incubus
Animals by Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
Laughing Stock by Talk Talk
Souvlaki by Slowdive
Pygmalion by Slowdive
Downward Is Heavenward by Hum
The Sky Moves Sideways by Porcupine Tree

Greatest single ever made:
Yeesh.... not going to go through with this one. I'll just pick one I dig right now; 'Sara' by Fleetwood Mac. Well, that would be one of my all-times, but there's dozens.

Favourite box sets
Shine On, if I had it. No need to now, really. I own all their albums on CD.

Favourite Greatest Hits:
Best of Blur by Blur, Thank You by Stone Temple Pilots

First CD bought:
Europop by Eiffel 65 and Astro Lounge by Smash Mouth followed by Face Down by Serial Joe. 14:59, The Party Album, Hot Show, Another Spin Around The Sun, You Can't Stop The Bum Rushand some others followed soon after in random order.

First Concert:
Incubus Aug. 20, 2007 at Save on Foods memorial Arena

Favourite Concert:
Incubus, both times I saw Caribou (although openers were bland both times; D'OH!). The best one-two punch I remember seeing in a club was Apostle of Hustle opening for the legendary Do Make Say Think.

Concert You Wish You'd Seen:
Pink Floyd circa 1970-1 or '77. Fleetwood Mac circa 1979-80 or Radiohead in Vancouver just last month.

Best Use of Music In Film:
Princess Mononoke has to be one of my fav soundtracks ever. Umm.. what else... 2001: A Space Odyssey. I have a old journal about this; oh, how about Pink Floyd's Careful With That Axe, Eugene in Zabriskie Point (I think this is going back to when it was called Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up).

Best Use of Music In TV series:
All I really watch is Seinfeld, Mash and Frasier and old episodes of the Simpsons. I hate when shows o.d. on music (OC anybody?); it seems like they become a commercial for breaking through music; none of those elite three shows overused music. For the record, the Mash theme is the best theme song to a TV show I've heard.

Favourite music books:
Inside Out by Nick Mason.

Favourite Songwriters:
Roger Waters, Thom Yorke, Matthew Good

Favourite album covers:
Pulse by Pink Floyd, Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac, see my RYM list for My (extensive) favourite album covers list).

Least fav album covers to albums you like/love/don't mind
Most recent example would be the cheesefest cover that is 'Penguin' by Fleetwood Mac

Favourite Music DVDs:
King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open, Pink Floyd - Live in Pompeii, Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

Artist You Will Always Believe In:
Matthew Good. He's the best, but always kinda underrated despite being known to all Canadians.

Artist You Will Always Defend:
Weezer, but Make Believe made that soooo difficult.

Albums You Will Always Defend:
Second Coming by Stone Roses... I actually like it more than their debut... Don't taze me, bro!
The 2 Post-Waters Pink Floyd efforts - David Gilpink!
But definitely not MMM by Lou Reed - Poison Pizza.

Singers Who Can Make Your Skin Crawl:
In a good way or bad? Good way... Lindsey Buckingham on live versions of I'm so afraid, Roger Waters on live versions of Careful, With that Axe, Eugene and When the Tigers Broke Free. Most chilling song I know.

Artists I'm Supposed to like, but don't.
Bob Marley (the only B Mar song I like is the Funkstar Deluxe version of Sun Is Shining; makes me feel nostalgic because I used to watch Electric Circus when I was nine)!!! Also: Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel. [AC - whose 'supposed' to like an artist, though?! I mean, I know what it means and all-but shove off! I like what I like and so should you]

Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like:
Do De Do Da De Da or whatever by The Police [AC - there's more, I have an entry showcasing the worst of the best!]

Artist Who Broke Your Heart:
Our Lady Peace... what the hell happened?! These guys were wicked in the 90's. They were kind of cryptic yet spiritual and rockin'. Oh, and Maida's solo stuff is shit, too.

Band That Should Break Up:
Rolling Stones.
But... if we're talking about bands that actually LIKED in the first place:
I woulda said Weezer 'cause Make Believe was just that bad, but the new one is alright - The Angel and the One hints and former greatness. In fact 'Angel and the One' is one of my favourite tracks of 08. The red album was spotty though at best. Ev'rybody be gettin' dangerous. uggh.

Bands That Should Get Back Together:
Slowdive (they won't), Talk Talk (ha, fat fucking chance), Hum (this one ain't too craz-ay, so just do it guys. Nike that shit up and bring the noise again!)

Guilty Pleasure:
Kylie Minogue's "Love at First Sight", Maroon 5's first record, Nelly Furtado, Rihanna (damn those amazingly brilliant samples from Tainted Love, Wanna Be Startin' Something and Blue Monday) and Avril Lavigne (damn you, Elite Beat Agents) songs. I don't feel that guilty until I'm hanging out with friends and playing music on random and it'll go from Helmet or A Perfect Circle into 'SOS (Rescue Me)'. But, hey, that's me in a nutshell. Can't stop, addicted to the shindig. Whatever the hell that means!

Okay, next time won't be a quiz again; trying to keep things top shelf quality around here! Peace!
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