my recent top 5 - July 17th to 23rd


Lug 23 2006, 22:10

As an American fellow of mine [fellow in musical meaning, we haven't even talked to each other properly] started to write about his recent top 10 a while ago, I should do that too, just to give you an overview about all the crazy [and part time ridiculous] stuff I'm actually listening to. So, have fun with that.

My recent top 5 - July 17th to 23rd:

1. Jimi Hendrix (45 plays)

I've listened to the albums Are You Experienced? and Electric Ladyland, plus some songs of the Woodstock compilation. Let me tell you, this guy rocks. I know that most people of you already knew, but those who didn't and like blues rock that really does rock (Are You Experienced?) and psychedelic rock that is more like an average drug experience (Electric Ladyland) shall go to the store of their choice and buy them now! Hendrix wasn't just an awesome and creative guitar player but a supreme rock composer. Okay, so much for Jimi. Rest in piece, and so on.

2. HammerFall (34 plays)

I'm not quite sure why I like them. Their first three albums were over-the-top power metal albums, including *all* cliches you might know about power metal. Their songwriting was about dragons, might, glory, battles, heroes - yes, all the stuff you want to listen to when you put a power metal cd in your player. But with the release of their fourth album, they decided to change their style into uninspired heavy metal by just leaving out bombastic elements and epic double bass sound. The newer works sound like NWOBHM, but without being original. Well, bad idea, my swedish dragon fellows.

3. Psychotic Waltz (30 plays)

Yeah! It's Psychotic Waltz! Actually, I bought all their albums (4 in number) in those nifty box sets, two albums in each, each box set for about 12 Euros. Wow. Psychotic Waltz' style can be described as stoner progressive metal, not as technically perfect as their proggy companions of that age, like Dream Theater and Fates Warning but with a touch of anarchy plus being damn groovy from time to time (there's a Jimi Hendrix quote at the end of Into the Everflow, which is my favourite). Lead singer Buddy Lackey nowadays makes music by using the name Devon Graves at his Deadsoul Tribe project. I haven't actually listened to that, but I don't think it's as good as PW.

4. Sieges Even (29 plays)

Sieges Even, and thus means it's prog metal again, this time from the technical side. I've listened to some of their older releases, Steps and A Sense of Change and their newest release The Art Of Navigating By The Stars. Three albums, three singers. The one of the first album mentioned was criticised lots for singing very exalted. I can live with that - I even think that it fits perfectly into the genuinely technical music. The new release is the one, even pop listeners can listen to without getting headache. I love the melodies and the friendly, warm touch the album has.

5. Nick Drake

Nick Drake is one of my favourite singer/songwriter artists. He died tragically after taking too much anti depressiva and he left some very beautiful, introverted pieces of music. He also got famous for inventing new picking techniques for guitar. I like Pink Moon most, the song with the name of that album was in the background of a Volkswagen spot sometime, afaik, that's why it got famous again. On this album, there is no orchestral arrangement in the background, no violins and celli, only him and his guitar. One of the best albums for relaxing.

Well, that was it. I was thinking about writing about my top 10, but this would mean too much work. ;-)

Hope you enjoyed... feel free to leave me a comment.


  • Flah

    The lead singer of Hammerfall got punched in the face at a bar for...being the lead singer of Hammerfall. How awesome is that? Out of all of Nick Drake's work, I think Horn had the biggest impact on me. In fact, I think it ruined me. Minimalism with an acoustic guitar. I've been trying to achieve that in one way or another for years now.

    Lug 23 2006, 23:38
  • heizi

    Hey Flah :-) You play the acoustic guitar? Gee, man, that's great! I started playing the drums about 1 and a half year ago and I'm still pretty bad at that [I'm a self taught], though some people use to say that I'm a good singer.

    Lug 24 2006, 1:08
  • Flah

    I used to be really into it, but I hardly pick it up any more. Sometimes, late at night, I pick up a couple of pens and fantasize that I'm Dennis Chambers. Stick with the drums for sure, I think it's the most important of all the band instruments.

    Lug 24 2006, 8:34
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