• Disclaimer

    Ott 13 2006, 7:12

    I just have to make clear that the Royce the 5'9" in my stats is the Galapagos 4 band Royce. I can't see how and why Last.fm transforms the data like that.

    Important stuffs.
  • Leo vs. Pisces

    Apr 27 2006, 7:44

    Meaty Ogre's absolutely beautiful "Leo vs. Pisces" has to be the single most inspiring piece of music I've heard in a year or so. I can't stress the qualities of that album enough. Anyone who enjoy great digging, production and craftmanship are obliged to have it.
  • Back on track

    Apr 10 2006, 11:23

    I just recieved my new computer and got iScrobbler up and running so consider me back on the last.fm scene again. During my two weeks of being offline some superb albums have come my way. Dudley Perkins "Expressions", Soul Position "Things go better...", Up Hygh "The Venus Album", Daedelus "Denies the Day's Demise" and Aceyalone & RJ's "Magnificient City", which I should've gotten ahold of earlier, I know.
  • Dirty me

    Mar 12 2006, 14:09

    As you might tell from my statistics I'm having quite the Dirty South afternoon, hoping Cee-Lo and Goodie Mob will put some monkeys on my back regarding these damn assignments I have to assess. Have been trying to get that done for a week but my good old apathy from back in the C-paper days is paying a visit and won't leave. God god damnit damnit!