Some Psychedelic Rock/Heavy Psych/Progressive Rock/Hard Rock great bands


Mar 22 2009, 22:46

Here is a list of great , , and bands of the 60s and 70s, all connections of the Sir Lord Baltimore group on :

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  • IballiT

    I think that in this list you can add a lot of teams. Here are some of them: Cornucopia Beggars Opera Cressida Fantasy Flower Travellin' Band Nirvana (UK) Pavlov's Dog and many others.

    Mar 31 2009, 14:32
  • heavylione

    Yes this is a work in progress;)

    Apr 2 2009, 17:51
  • heavylione

    Suggest are well accepted, thanks to all ;)

    Apr 5 2009, 12:54
  • RadioheadOasis

    I don't see the Beatles on your list and that's amazing since October,(1965) The BEATLES record "Norwegian Wood", were already there by many people's account or the "The Word". Or maybe one of the greatest early psychedelic songs in "Tomorrow Never Knows" and albums Revolver 1966 Revolutionary in early preoccupation with "psychedelic" effects as a studio instrument, including electronic/tape effects, sound distortion, influence of Indian music, and avant-garde. New recording technique inclued Automatic Double Tracking, layered tape looped effects, many kinds of reserve tape effects, and vocals through leslie amps. Then "Strawberry Fields Forever", "A Day in the Life", Sgt Pepper and "I am The Walrus". I guess that one would forget to add the Beatles since they had one of the first psychedelic rock albums in 1966,

    Apr 6 2009, 18:09
  • heavylione

    No need to mention The Beatles, all people know them :P

    Apr 6 2009, 19:50
  • assifrage

    I would hasten to add Blues Creation from Japan. Also maybe Focus from Netherlands(minus "Hocus Pocus"). The label Garden of Delights, specialize in releasing lost 60's and 70's German psych/prog classics, have built up a considerable collection of bands (many of which are really good)who recorded a two or three song demo and then disappeared. There's too many of them to list here. The compilations are good enough to go head to head with full band albums ex. 'Psychedelic Gems' or 'Nuggets'. ...many of them. Also, Turkish group Edip Akbayram.

    Apr 15 2009, 17:48
  • yeoldstinkeye

    Great list. I recently started one myself. It's gonna take some time.

    Apr 15 2009, 22:24
  • GilmoursAngst

    Don't mean to be rude or anything man, but a lot of those aren't psychedelic. I mean, a lot of them are, but some...really aren't. Especially the band the Japanese band GEDO. They're hard rock. Again, I don't mean any ill will.

    Apr 18 2009, 5:02
  • Budolotnik

    What do you think about Bambi Molesters? They're really surfers;D

    Apr 19 2009, 23:54
  • hermindseye

    I can add more that are more on the jazz/prog side:: Soft Machine, Sun Ra, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Henry Cow, Fresh Maggots, A. R. & Machines, Eloy, Embryo, Magma, Cluster, Ashra, Ash Ra Tempel, Mellow Candle, Comus, Black Widow, Atonius Rex(alt. name for jacula). Plenty more bands, no doubt... O, why do you have DeathSS on this list; they are a heavy metal band. Maybe there's a psychedelic band with same name?

    Apr 25 2009, 10:54
  • hermindseye

    More proggy stuff: Tangerine Dream, Gentle Giant, King Crimson. Psychedelic rock is still alive through the 80's-today with bands like Purple Overdose, Ozric Tentacles and Hidria Spacefolk.

    Apr 25 2009, 10:59
  • heavylione

    Here are some raccommendations;) HARD ROCK: Sir Lord Baltimore, Budgie, High Tide, Leaf Hound, Captain Beyond, Flower Travellin' Band, Flower Travellin' Band, Birth Control, Lucifer's Friend, Bang, Asterix, Granicus, Josefus, May Blitz, Fuzzy Duck, Crazy Mabel, Black Widow, UFO, Icecross, Gedo, Epitaph, Primevil, Human Instinct, Biglietto per l'Inferno, Bloodrock. Garage ROCK: The Blues Magoos, The Chocolate Watch Band, Kaleidoscope.

    Mag 2 2009, 0:25
  • IballiT

    I would still recommend from this list: Atomic Rooster, Mountain, Freedom´s Children. But, all very worthy and needed to hear.

    Mag 4 2009, 14:12
  • Ilovethehof

    You should add Pink Floyd to the list, they have some seriously psycadelic albums during the 60's that are so psyched out they can make people go insane. :) (My appologies if they are on the list and I somehow missed them the three times I looked through it)

    Mag 19 2009, 12:08
  • Wyrdbeard

    May I venture: Cream?

    Mag 20 2009, 10:37
  • Fastro

    Il Balletto di Bronzo and many more italian prog bands

    Lug 31 2009, 18:31
  • Skalapendr

    also Ahora Mazda

    Ago 25 2009, 13:17
  • kelmourne

    Add Kyuss.

    Set 15 2009, 23:18
  • laforgue

    thanks...great list.. can you add [color=purple]Le Stelle Di Mario Schifano[/color]

    Set 21 2009, 16:55
  • yeoldstinkeye

    I would like to offer this Blog of great hard to find bands that would fit well in this list.

    Set 25 2009, 0:32
  • imbuteria

    bel lavoro, complimenti, ma non esaustivo. ordine alfabetico forse?

    Set 25 2009, 14:07
  • VacantCoffin

    Would you mind adding descriptions of these bands? Looks like mindless maidenhell-esque namedropping to me. Amazing bands, non-the-less.

    Set 25 2009, 18:37
  • boopermagic

    Faust? :)

    Ott 12 2009, 15:36
  • Wyzzet

    Recommendations: Stone Bunny (pre-pentagram) Wicked Lady - the axeman cometh Writing on the Wall Armageddon, both UK and GER Dr. Z Ego on the rocks Goblin Jericho Jones May Blitz Truth And Janey

    Ott 20 2009, 16:59
  • sharcky

    How about Francis Vincent Zappa, i.e. Mothers (of invention), Gong, Ange, Psychotic Waltz or Dead Soul Tribe, Devin Towwnsend, Kraan, Kraftwerk Warm Dust Magma Nice Quintessence, Colosseum, Chicago's 1st and maybe 2nd album, in some way Procol Harum. Dreamscape (sic!), Cabezas de cero, Vanden Plas. Sometimes it's the obvious that you overlook, after all these years ;)

    Ott 22 2009, 20:59
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