KGRL's NMM™ on Jan. 13th, 2010


Gen 13 2010, 20:44

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 6am PST

NMM™ is when KGRL plays all the newly added artists and music (not all of what will be added but representatives). Celebrated about twice a month it's a remarkable event at which many of the KGRL listeners, the flowerites, meet at the flowerbox, the chat box at KGRL's homepage.

The first NMM™ of the new year, the new decade 2010 after a hiatus of six weeks was an epic event. Eight sets of wonderful new music, remember this is just a selection of songs from the artists resp. albums added to KGRL's streaming library today. We had some welcome visitors at the Flowerbox again: McKenzie Lockhart got some time off from school to chat with us and her manager Dan Dulaney is so addicted to the Flowerbox now that he is still chatting there, hours later. ;) Our beloved Adrienne Pierce overslept the event but as she's a frequent visitor we are sure she'll read our twaddle later.

"Good morning flowerites and welcome to the New Music Morning sets.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your taste of the new music added to our playlist.
You can also join us at the Flowerbox over at to chat with
your fellow flowerites.
Our New Music Morning starts right now!" ?

The Magic Theatre - Out There
The Magic Theatre - Rowing Boat Love Song
April Smith & The Great Picture Show - What'll I Do
April Smith & The Great Picture Show - Colors
Adrienne Pierce - Come Over To My House
Adrienne Pierce - Museum
Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat
Hannah Georgas - The Deep End
McKenzie Lockhart - Wasteland
McKenzie Lockhart - Room of Four Walls
KGRL - Summer Ames
Summer Ames - Fairytales & Tea
Beth Thornley - A to Z
Beth Thornley - Still Can't Hide
Amanda Jenssen - Autopilot
Amanda Jenssen - The End
Amy Belle - After the Show
Amy Belle - Medicine
Melissa Vaughan - I Am Away
Hanna Berglund - This Time
Fay Wolf - The Beginning of Anne
Fay Wolf - God Knows
Anne Lene Hagglund - River
Anne Lene Hagglund - Big Men
Angus & Julia Stone - And the Boys
Angus & Julia Stone - Take You Away
El Perro del Mar - Change of Heart
He Is We - A Mess It Grows
He Is We - Radio
Miriam Clancy - The Best
Miriam Clancy - When I Do
Cady Groves - Phoenix
Cady Groves - You'd Say
Aryn Michelle - Lockless Heart
Aryn Michelle - Never Was My Own
Katie Lunette And Peculiar People - My Friend
Katie Lunette And Peculiar People - Until The Dawn
Mouchette - Throw Down
Mouchette - Sometimes
Dutch - Just Before the Rain
Dutch - Pearls
Lovespirals - Insignificant
Lovespirals - Home
Fair and Kind - Channel One
Fair and Kind - Last Song for Now
Ruth Theodore - Eris
Ruth Theodore - The Bluer The Better
Laura Veirs - When You Give Your Heart
Laura Veirs - July Flame
Julia Nunes - Through The Floorboards
Julia Nunes - August
Jess Turner - Drown in His River
Jess Turner - Chesapeake
The Watson Twins - U-N-Me
The Watson Twins - Modern Man
Bettie Serveert - Semaphore
Bettie Serveert - Souls Travel
The Dollyrots - California Beach Boy
The Dollyrots - Dumb
Lucky Soul - Up In Flames
Lucky Soul - Our Heart
Leslie Hunt - Your Hair Is On Fire
Leslie Hunt - First Date
Anna-Maria Nemetz - Dance With Somebody (Acoustic)
Diane Birch - Ariel (Live)
Diane Birch - Fools (Live)
Kate Voegele - Angel (Live)
Kate Voegele - Starlight (Live)
Florence & The Machine - Between Two Lungs (Acoustic)
Florence & The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic)

"...and that was the end of our New Music Morning sets.
I hope you all enjoyed the finely selected new artists and tracks played
during our presentation.
See you all again next time for another edition of New Music Morning sets,
only here at KGRL.
Good day flowerites!

Special thanks goes today to Steve Jobs for the iPhone. Because KGRL's ISP had trouble transferring all the data to the server on the Internet, Mysty's iPhone was responsible to send the remaining songs for the New Music Morning.

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  • lovespirals

    thanks for suggesting we send in our new album to kgrl deiter. you've been so supportive of us!

    Gen 13 2010, 23:27
  • desertsun2

    Nice job as usual Dieter! Great tracks on KGRL to get the new year moving in good musical directions

    Gen 14 2010, 3:11
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