Hannah, 21, Femmina, Regno Unito
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  • Joshy1kz

    Hi Hannah! Thanks for the accept :)

    29 Gen 6:12 Rispondi
  • theblackbits

    Really?? I don't believe, that girls like you does exist.. Excellent taste!! xx

    29 Gen 2:47 Rispondi
  • BrianScarface

    I can only imagine it! Never been on a festival before, so going to these two, maybe one of the biggest in Europe should be fun! I'll just need to buy a shitty phone, a high-quality golden tent with a disco ball. Just for the hell of it, who knows, it could be fun. I could blast some weird christian tunes to! Come too think of it I just might scare people away. I shouldn't plan so far ahead :P

    11 Gen 18:10 Rispondi
  • BrianScarface

    No, I missed them. Had to work that day, which sucks. But my friends told me they where really good. One of the best bands they've seen apperantly. But I am compesating! Thinking of going to Roskilde and Glastonbury this summer :P

    28 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • BrianScarface

    Thanks! Your music is also awesome! Did you by any chance see Rival Sons when they played in Britain (if they did)? :D

    26 Dic 2014 Rispondi
  • Esterrra94

    Dzięki za przyjęcie zaproszenia :) Masz świetny gust muzyczny :)

    9 Set 2014 Rispondi
  • hotfox63

    Suppose you had the chance to have a time machine that would take you to a historic musical event. What would it be?

    16 Ago 2014 Rispondi
  • castruler

    Hi! Nice set of music affinities *)

    31 Ott 2013 Rispondi
  • thermoseal

    Hi hannah-winona! Great musical taste! I need to check out some of the artists in your library. I am curious to know what you'd think of my friends' band, MANKIND: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bedN-v9QMwc . Cheers from Sweden

    28 Set 2013 Rispondi
  • Duskien

    Hey neighbour, nice taste :)

    18 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • milkcups

    Hi hannah-winona! I saw that you have a pretty good music taste and thought that you'd maybe like our music as well. We are three girls from the forests of Sweden and we are going to record our very first album in Woodstock this summer! We have a couple of songs up that we would love if you checked out! VIDAR - Phoenix and VIDAR - Ships. Let us know what you think (it's much appreciated) and also check out our cover of 'Kathy's Song' that we got the chance to play live for Paul Simon! Love, VIDAR

    1 Mag 2013 Rispondi
  • jessrossouw

    Fanks for he ad

    2 Apr 2013 Rispondi
  • -Chi-

    We dont have so many great concerts in Poland like in other big countries so music festivals sometimes are the only chance to see good bands :) You're right with Jack! Btw, I became a follower of your tumblr, many good stuff :D

    7 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • alvarezsosa

    Why, thank you. I was just looking your recent tracks and noticed that you've been listening full albums, something that I also enjoy very much... The one thing that surprised me, tough, was Shakira on your top artists lol (not judging, just surprised =P)

    4 Feb 2013 Rispondi
  • alvarezsosa

    Amazing list. Just amazing!

    29 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • -Chi-

    I took part in big festivals and I'll tell you that;s a great experience! You can meet interesting people who like the same bands as you :D I know I know it's not the same as a normal gig, but also worth :) Yep, this interview is really great! For me, Jack White is a definition of artist! He's really inspiring man. I really admire him as a man and an artist :D He sacrificed his live to music. I dont know any other musician like he ^^

    18 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • -Chi-

    That's sounds really great! What to you think about this - The Kills to the UK and Jack White to Poland! The Kills are amazing live but I think better is to watch them during a gig in a club than in a festival. It's just my personal opinion. On a big stage you can't feel that magic. I hope you know what I mean :D Oh, btw, I have finally found some time to watch Serious Jibber-Jabber with Jack White! Have you watched it?

    16 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • -Chi-

    Thank you! I also think my kitty is cute :D Where did you see him? Alison and Jamie are brilliant live. I still can't belive I saw them! Besides, my friend gave me their autographs <3 We were standing in the first row and aww.. one of the best gigs ever! I hope you will also see them soon :3

    14 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • -Chi-

    Hello my new friend! Oh my God, you've seen Jack White!

    14 Gen 2013 Rispondi
  • stefan_skate

    Both bands are really great! I'm looking forward to the new Black Keys record, they promised it for 2013. :D

    11 Gen 2013 Rispondi
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Bands/artists I've seen live:
Rival Sons
Marina & the Diamonds
Vampire Weekend
Kids in Glass Houses {3X}
Fall Out Boy
Imogen Heap [2X]
Enter Shikari [2X]
Willy Moon
Noah and the Whale
You Me At Six
Blues Pills

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