• We're back baby!

    Apr 1 2008, 6:57

    Finally got mobilescrobbler on the shiny new ipod touch.
    Let the mass scrobble efforts continue!
  • Sad internets

    Lug 8 2007, 20:44

    This weeks list is very off. The internet on my computer no worky. Add a healthy dose of A Tribe Called Quest as well as some old Collective Soul and Blur for fun and profit.
  • Car Trip!

    Nov 9 2006, 7:54

    I went on a road trip to San Fran and back this last weekend (11/4). I only have a CD player, I tried to mimic the CD played in the car in iTunes to scrobble this week while I am at work. I don't know if there are any hardcore last.fm users who would consider this cheating, and I don't care. It's tracking music I listen to, its fair game.
    It consists largely of David Bowie and Flogging Molly which were stuck on repeat as we were attempting to enter and leave the SF area. Left out of the list is Eddie Izzard because I don't have all the MP3s from which Jon made the CDs. He kept us company along the long stretch of I-80 which ranges between Salt Lake and San Fran.
    Also Jon's mix of old school anime theme songs are not on the list.

    Along the car CD theme: Touch and Go doesn't see nearly enough action on my page as it should. I don't enjoy listening to it sitting at my computer while poking around photoshop. But their lone CD I Find You Very Attractive is one of my favorite CDs for driving around town. It's upbeat tracks make going around corners at 40mph and then cutting two cars off make it seem more like being in a noir movie than just being an asshole in a Chevy Coupe.