30 Ghosts IV


Giu 11 2008, 15:19

The video we made for Nine Inch Nails track 30 Ghosts IV is up!!


Everyone please check it out and feel free to comment, post, whatever.... It was a lot of fun to make and we hope you all enjoy it.



  • Rowan5215

    Hey, I checked out your video even though I don't like NIN (and it wasn't so bad as it was just weird sounds) and I thought it was pretty cool XD. Maybe you'll start remixing an artist I like one day. Till then, cya. P.S. I don't know why I'm writing this like a letter, but meh. Anyway, I'd like to say I listened to a few of your remixes and I think you made the songs not as bad as they were.

    Giu 12 2008, 8:56
  • Rowan5215

    Oh and when I said [quote]Hey I checked out your video even though I don't like NIN (and it wasn't so bad as it was just weird sounds)[/quote] I meant the song, not the vid. Cheers, Rowan5215

    Giu 12 2008, 8:59
  • GasiKobayashi

    Video reflects song very good. The only part I didn't like was the run, becouse I think the song is too calm for that (maybe if you would edit it to a slow motion run :P ? I don't know). Anyway I would really like to see high quility version of it and definitly more new videos. Good job.

    Giu 19 2008, 20:47
  • Phoenixedd

    I was about to say that video is very good and reflects the mood correctly, but then the running scenes started and everything that followed ruined the video pretty badly...

    Feb 17 2009, 21:03
  • Phoenixedd

    And it was unclear why the character was running in the first place? Unless you were inspired by We're In This Together video abstract-ness..

    Feb 17 2009, 21:04
  • Phoenixedd

    That was harsh, but it's always like this with criticism... :|

    Feb 17 2009, 21:07
  • halo33

    It was absolutely meant to be abstract. that is the point. I want the viewer to decide for themselves what is happening in the video. what do YOU think is going on. that is what makes art interesting. I have no desire to spoonfeed the idea. Sorry that didnt sit well with you, but alas, thats art. Not always meant to please.

    Feb 17 2009, 22:09
  • Quicksand227

    the video is amazing! it just fits perfectly to the song, well done!

    Giu 24 2009, 18:50
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