Steven Wilson and Mikael Åkerfeldt new project is on the way.


Dic 23 2011, 6:03

Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) just announce (22/12/2011) on his Facebook page about his new project with Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth).
the new project would be called Storm Corrosion and it's album would be issued on April 2012 by Roadrunner
They opened their new facebook page today that already had 3,267 likes.
As Steven written on his page "Just don't expect metal! (the opposite in fact)."
We can be sure it would be something incredible new and original.

Since I heard Damnation I was waiting for the two of them to work together on a private album where they are to decide together about the musical direction to go without chaining themselves to any of the musical direction of their own bands, so they won't need to "disappoint" fans of their band.

Popmetters just published this week the top 10 progressive albums of 2011:
where Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning album was 1st and the last Opeth album, Heritage, was 2nd.
where those two album where a big surprise to the fans this year.
Opeth did a very different album from all their previous ones sticking to the classic progressive rock way instead of death metal and Steven on the other hand, did something less experimental then his last one with much more deep and defined structure.

Now we need to hope that this project won't be heard only on a record but also live on stage all over the world.


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