That one stings


Mar 3 2007, 16:48

Somehow the Damn Yankees infiltrated my playlist. No one was supposed to see that one. Ouch. Go ahead. Jack me for bad taste. I can take it.Firefly


  • kevinspencer

    Ha. Everyone has those really embarrassing tracks that they'd rather not let other people know about. I gave my iPod to a friend at work the other day and was all in a panic. What if they see those Prince tracks? Bugger, I did get rid of that Bonnie Tyler song didn't I? I just admitted in public that I had a Bonnie Tyler song didn't I? That sound you hear is any street cred I once had slipping gently down the drain ;-)

    Apr 17 2007, 6:15
  • haleysuzanne

    Prince and Bonnie Tyler? I think it could be worse. I have to admit I've rocked out to Total Eclipse of the Heart more than once. I would think you might retain some street cred as long as you don't belt out Prince visible at red lights or sing it in the shower. That would be some embarrassing slippage. I will confess, there's a Paula Abdul album on my iPod I try to distract poeple from...

    Apr 18 2007, 3:25
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