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Dic 30 2011, 18:45

So here are the men, women and bands I have been listening to in the last 12 months, and my general thoughts on each of them.
I'm going to do a separate post about my favourite individual songs and albums of the year, so this doesn't get too cluttered.

Many thanks to who allowed me to obsess over my data!

First of all, the headlines:
Most played new artist: Eric Saade
Biggest increase (year on year): Kylie Minogue
Biggest drop in scrobbles: Whitney Houston -85%
Biggest Disappointment: Beyoncé (174 scrobbles)

Most Scrobbled Artists Of 2011

1.Britney Spears – 1040 plays

310 plays in 2010 - Increase of 235%
Most played track: Till the World Ends (89 plays) - first scrobbled on 7 Mar 2011.
(Includes both the original version, and the Femme Fatal Remix combined)

2011 was definitely a great year for Britney. Femme Fatale was a great album, much more consistent than 2008's rushed Circus. The only thing it lacked was one massive single like Womanizer, Toxic or Slave 4 U. World Ends was Britney close to her best, and the highlight of the live show I went to in November. I will always stan for Britney!

2.Kylie Minogue – 887 plays

33 plays in 2010 - Increase of 2588%
Most played track: Get Outta My Way (113 plays) - first scrobbled on 28 Jan 2011.

Even though Kylie's last album Aphrodite came out in 2010, I didn't buy it until January this year. I absolutely loved the album and played the hell out of my Ultimate Kylie after I saw her live in the summer! Get Outta My Way is a fantastic pop song, and it's scandalous that it wasn't massive for her.

3.Mariah Carey – 874 Plays

1872 plays in 2010 – decrease of 53%
Most played track:All I Want for Christmas Is You (26 Plays)
(Includes both the original version and the Extra festive 2010 version combined)

A quiet year for Mimi (musically), after new albums in '08, '09 and '10. I still play her daily though, and I'm hoping for a strong return in 2012 and maybe even a tour (PLEASE!)

4.Lady Gaga – 854 plays

1042 plays in 2010 - decrease of 17%
Most played track: Born This Way(63 plays) - first scrobbled on 12 Feb 2011.

It took me a while to warm to Born This Way, but eventually I saw it as the true pop gem that it is. I can't say I like everything GaGa does away from music, but she is very sincere in what she does & long as she's making albums this good, I will always be a fan

5.Kelly Clarkson – 813 plays

499 plays in 2010 – increase of 63%
Most played track: Mr. Know It All (34 Plays) - first scrobbled on 30 Aug 2011.
Kelly can do no wrong in my eyes - her voice is flawless, her melodies are insanely catchy and her personality in immensely likeable. Stronger was my most eagerly awaited albums of the year, and it was even better than I was hoping! I have no doubt that I will be playing it into 2012 and she might even be my #1 artist next year.

6.Brandy– 739 Plays

1003 plays in 2010 – Decrease of 26%
Most played tracks: Afrodisiac& I Tried (19 plays each)
There's no one around who makes RnB as true and as classy as Brandy does. Even though it's been over 3 years since her last album, her songs never age. If anything, her music just gets better and better with time. I have no doubt that her next album will be a as great as all her previous ones.

7.Janet Jackson – 733 Plays

619 plays in 2010 – increase of 18%
Most played tracks: Nasty& The Pleasure Principle (21 plays each)
My highlight of 2011, if not of my life, was seeing Janet in London this summer on 3 seperate nights. A true dream come true, especially as I got to meet her too! Miss Jackson is a legend and hopefully next year she will return to the top of the charts

8.Rihanna– 726 Plays

154 plays in 2010 – Increase of 371%
Most played track: Only Girl (In the World) (61 Plays)
2011 was a great year for Rihanna, you just couldn't deny her releasing great song after great song. I'm not that keen on Talk That Talk, but it may yet grow on me the way Rated R did.

9.Glee Cast – 618 plays

1224 plays in 2010 – Decrease of 50%
Most played track: River Deep, Mountain High (28 Plays) – First scrobbled on 22 Feb 2011.
The reason for my sharp decline in Glee plays is mostly that I have moved all my Glee CD's into my new car, so I don't play this as much at home. Also, season 2 ended up quite disappointing. Season 3 is better, but they haven't done anything really interesting musically for a while. Still a huge Gleek though!

10.Björk– 583 Plays

249 plays in 2010 – Increase of 134%
Most played track: Crystalline(25 Plays) – First scrobbled on 29 Jun 2011
I'm a bit embarrassed that Björk is this low in my charts, considering that she brought out a great new album this year. I haven't played it as much as I should have done, but it quite difficult to get into. Her live show in Manchester was one of my highlights of 2011 though, so hopefully next year I'll give Biophillia a proper chance

11.Michael Jackson – 529 Plays

675 plays in 2010 – decrease of 22%
Most played track: Hollywood Tonight (30 plays) – First scrobbled on 25 Mar 2011
I bought Michaelthis year with some trepidation, and it was surprisingly OK-ish. Most of these plays still come from 90's era Michael though

12.Katy Perry – 465 plays

292 plays in 2010 – Increase of 59%
Most played track: Firework (59 plays)
A truly incredible year for Katy, even more so considering that Teenage Dream came out in 2010 and I had considerable scrobbles for it back then. I'm not sure if she'll be bringing out another album next year or not, but whenever she releases it I will be ready on the first day!

13.Maroon 5 – 431 plays

247 plays in 2010 – increase of 74%
Most played track:Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) (46 plays) – first scrobbled on 29 Jun 2011
I saw Maroon 5 in February, and they were amazing. After the show I really got into their last album, which is why they have a big increase here. Then of course came the massive single, which dominated the second half of the year

14.The Rocky Horror Picture Show – 401 Plays

56 plays in 2010 – increase of 716%
Most played track: Sweet Transvestite (43 plays)
There are a two main reasons why I listened to Rocky Horror so much this year - #1 is that I bought the blu-ray and fell in love with the film all over again. #2 is that Glee covered the songs in one episode and reminded me how great this soundtrack is.

15.Garbage– 376 plays
798 plays in 2010 – Decrease of 53%
Most played track: Only Happy When It Rains (15 plays)
Shirley and the boys are currently recording a new album, so new material and a tour will definitely make sure they return to the top of my charts soon!

16.Eric Saade – 359 plays

No plays in 2010
Most played tracks: Manboy & Masquerade (33 plays each) – First scrobbled on 23 May 2011.
I hadn't even heard of Eric until Eurovison in May, when he came 3rd with Popular - he truly was robbed! BY miles the best song and performance of the night, I quickly got his album and loved it. If there's any justice, He will break out next year and become the huge star that his talent deserves.

17.Jill Scott – 315 plays
347 plays in 2010 – Decrease of 9%
Most played track: So In Love (Feat. Anthony Hamilton) (18 plays) – First scrobbled on 26 Jun 2011.
Like Björk, Jill released an album this year that I enjoyed, but didn't love. Light of the Sun wasn't as great as her previous albums, but I still like every track nonetheless.

18.Nicki Minaj – 315 plays
19 plays in 2010 – Increase of 1658%
Most played track: Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake) (53 plays) – First scrobbled on 30 Apr 2011.
I grew to love Nicki more and more as the year went on, and hopefully next year she will become even greater

19.Madonna – 262 plays
864 plays in 2010 – Decrease of 70%
Most played track: Heartbeat (16 plays)
New album next year = a lot more plays in 2012!

20.Lily Allen – 254 plays
32 plays in 2010 – increase of 694%
Most played track: Not Fair (29 plays)
I finally got around to buying Lily's 2nd album this year, and I think it's even better than her debut! Such a shame she isn't making music any more :(

21.Timbaland– 251 plays
55 plays in 2010 – Increase of 456%
Most played track: Meet In Tha Middle (feat. Bran' Nu) (29 plays) – first scrobbled on 10 Mar 2011)
I bought Tim's second solo album year, and at least half of it is great, the other half forgettable. His work with Brandy is incredible though! Her voice over his beats is a combination that cannot be beaten


  • Fabio001

    Lily Allen, Janet Jackson, Kelly & Britney! <3 For me this year, its been all about Beyonce and Janet!

    Dic 30 2011, 20:51
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