• Hungry Heart

    Mag 20 2015, 1:34

    That song came on during work today. I love that I can play the KEOM station at work because all the songs are "oldies" and couldn't harm the ears of infants and toddlers that I work with. Anyways, Hungry Heart came on and I couldn't help but sing out loud a bit. That song is THE jam.
    I noticed that the last post was all about my obsession with Iggy Azalea. That obsession is still present, but controlled. I still see all the hate, but I ignore it. I'm now obsessed with Tove Lo and Grimes, mainly Grimes. I'm just so fascinated with her sound and her look. Her look isn't as big and flashy as others, but I think that is why I like it so much.
    Will I continue writing on here? Who knows. I have a website on Wix in the making so I could transfer the things here on there, or maybe not. The old me was overly trying and overly weird. Ah, we'll see. Until then, much love (insert peace out emoji that I love to use).
  • Bittersweet

    Ago 18 2014, 17:55

    I found myself attempting to ignore the Calvin Harris jam that I so knew would be on everyone's playlists, Summer. Something about it just made me want to avoid the moments that the song would bring when summer is over.
    One artist I have NOT been avoiding though is Iggy Azalea. Vanessa showed me Fancy, and I have not looked back ever since. I have listened to almost everything now. Ignorant Art, Change Your Life EP, Beat Down single, We Run This Volumes, and now her New Classic. I can't get enough of her sound. I won't deny that I can't get over her look either. It breaks my heart to see all the hate on Twitter about Iggy. I know that I have dislikes and hate towards other artists, but I never want to bash an artist that could be someone's savior. If Taylor Swift's music helped you through depression, then congratulations! I am happy to hear that an artist and their music motivated you. I might not like her music, but where would that person be without her?
    Other than that, I am stuck between happy and depressed that summer is ending. I am excited to see everyone at my university and excited to hopefully get back to working, but I am pained to not see the child I took care of at the daycare for a long time (til Thanksgiving). That is why I titled this post, Bittersweet. No matter, I will look forward.
  • Seasons Greetings to Last.fm Users

    Dic 25 2012, 23:58

    To anyone who can read this, Merry Christmas to you. I am hoping that everyone is feeling nothing but bliss this holiday season. No matter the troubles, the conflicts, etc., know that even a mere stranger that shares similarities to your music taste can brighten your day and care. I have come to that realization on here and even on Tumblr. So... again, Happy Holidays! Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!
  • Synthetica

    Giu 20 2012, 15:10

    Metric's new album is blowing me away. The lyrics, the repetition, and the beats. I'm at a loss for words just describing their sound. It's an amazing sound. So, still addicted to Tumblr. I changed my url on there though to SMEHcreativity. SM is Shirley Manson and EH is Emily Haines. They are the two people that inspire me the most. Well, if you don't count my teachers at Lakeview. Actually, I graduated just 18 days ago and it still surprises me to this day to say something like that! Anyways, check out Synthetica from Metric and Not Your Kind of People from Garbage. They are what made 2012, besides my graduation, the best.
  • Not Your Kind Of People

    Feb 27 2012, 4:06

    Garbage's new album comes out on my dad's birthday (which is May 15th) and ten days before my birthday. That will be my birthday gift to me. I wouldn't want anything else, actually maybe a $30 iTunes gift card to buy more songs and the Garbage album on there :)
    Would be amazing.
    Also, I'm addicted to tumblr. It's fricken fun and I have no idea why. Follow me if you want at rabbitinthemoon.tumblr.com. :)
    Anyways, off to bed once I finish this stupid English assignment. My graduation day could not come any faster either.....-_-
  • Scott Pilgrim

    Lug 8 2011, 0:12

    I just saw that movie this week, and absolutely fell in love with it. Michael Cera isn't my favorite actor out there, but this role made me like him just a little. Soundtrack to the movie was brilliant. Metric was featured! Nothing makes me happy than listening to Emily Haines' stunning voice, or Shirley Manson's awesome voice. Anyways, we just recently downloaded Netflix, and I swear that I have watched over 30 movies just in June. They were mainly horror movies and most of them were suckfest material. Crappy effects, lousy dialogue and pointless plots. I'm in the need of a decent, gorefest movie. Whatever that movie may be, I hope to one day view it with my own curious eyes.

    I'm out :)
  • Boo....I sound like a man.

    Apr 23 2011, 18:51

    I'm losing my voice. My throat also hurts. Screw sickness! Nasty allergies in the harsh breeze of North Texas.

    My computer is also malfunctioning, so I can rarely get on here and listen to music! Boo. Anyways, I write this hoping to God that my parents can get this lameass computer a fix-up.

    Did I mention that my idol talked to me that one day in April on FACEBOOK?
    I'm still buzzing about it because I can't believe that someone as amazing and brilliant as Shirley Manson, would actually take the time to talk to me. It was greatness. I love her to death.

    I must go before this lame computer shuts down on me, later empty darkness of nobodies. :)

    I WILL sound like my normal voice soon....or later.
  • Life?

    Mar 21 2011, 22:13

    Is it hell? Is it meant to be heaven?
    I have enjoyed it, slightly.
    These past few years have been wonderful. Better.

    I couldn't say the same for my mom though.
    There is a crisis. Theft.
    Idiots have taken her name.
    I want to make them pay.
    She has enough stress in her years.

    So now I ask again, is life hell?
  • Slider. New Sounds.

    Gen 27 2011, 3:30

    I need something new for my ears.
    Someone, somebody with creative feel and with a voice that can grasp my full attention.
    With amazing sounds of art backing their intense vocals.
    Other than Metric and Garbage.
    What other talent have I not encountered yet?
    What excellence have I stupidly missed?
    I wait for a response.
    My ears are open.
  • What Do You Listen To???

    Gen 13 2011, 2:17

    I really want to ask some of my teachers that actually.
    I'm curious as to see what my teachers listen to to get thru a day or get inspired by!
    Though I don't know if that would be too random to ask and then I could seem like a creeper.
    Oh well. The anticipation is eating me alive. Sighhhhh......