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ADDICT to life, to living, to loving to live, to living to love. ANARCHIST libertarian for whom freedom is the essence of life and liberty results in taking full responsibility for one's own actions and inactions and inflicting no harm on others (live and let live - to cut a long story short). ARTIST as all of us are potentially creators before the family, schools, corporations, society, conventions, paradigms - u name it u have it - remove our guts and we become hollow receptacles instead of fountains of creativity - but i deeply believe this process can be undone; ATHEIST because i am mature enough - i hope - not to need a father figure to show me the way, as there is no way to show - each and every one of us is the only way, the good way, the way...

księżyc dla księży

ziemia dla ziemniaków

polska dla polaków

...a może być jeszcze straszniej i głupiej...

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i am an outgoing introvert, a happy pessimist and a low-profile highbrow

and 'a sniffer of carrion, premature gravedigger, seeker of the nest of evil in the bosom of a good word'

never cease
seize the day
never say never
by the way



a cierpiącym na nadmiar wolnego czasu proponuję pamiętnik polakożercy plus parę, hopefully, rajcujących linków - i dla chłopczyków, i dla dziewczynków




kocham i akceptuję świat cały takim, jaki on jest; kocham i akceptuję wszystkie istnienia (i każde z nich z osobna) takimi, jakie one są; w każdej pojedyńczej, kolejnej chwili mam pełen, nieograniczony dostęp do wszystkich moich świadomych i nieświadomych zasobów, z których w pełni cały czas korzystam; we dnie i w nocy sprzyjam harmonii świata; w każdej pojedyńczej, kolejnej chwili postępuję i pozostaję w zgodzie z prymarnymi siłami wszechświata; we dnie i w nocy wszystko mi sprzyja; kocham i akceptuję siebie samego takiego, jakim jestem; z każdym dniem, pod każdym względem, jestem coraz lepszym, lepszym i lepszym człowiekiem; im mniej myślę i pamiętam o sobie, tym lepiej widzę i rozumiem świat


Taoism might seem to express an approach towards fate that is similar in many aspects to that of Stoicism. However, it does so in a specific Chinese way of thinking, resulting from an utterly different attitude to the world.
Whereas our - i.e. European - culture since time immemorial (since ancient Greeks – excluding Epicurus, perhaps - that is) sees rules, regulations and generalisations as the essence of learning, whose basic paradigm brings about absolute supremacy of abstraction over everyday experience, generalisation over individual being and rules over spontaneity, the way of Tao is anything but the aforementioned.
Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, the mythical creators of Taoism, contrary to Stoics were not rationalists. The ultimate reality of or in Tao is an inexpressible and miraculous mystery. This attitude originates in mystic contemplation making it similar to the approach of an artist, whose main if not the only task is to try and unveil – for a fraction of a second at least – the mystery of existence to her or himself and in consequence to the other – a spectator, a reader, a visitor to a gallery or a listener. It is also free from European moralising. In stark contrast to our culture Taoism points to that aspect of human freedom which is best represented by spontaneity. Totally free and under no pressure Tao acts fully spontaneously in each and every second.
As each and every being is unique all generalisations (including the one you are reading now) from moral to scientific to religious to philosophical to whatsoever are anything but true.
Here again comes spontaneity, which means an existence beyond (not for or against) any rules or regulations and at the same time in unison with one’s own unique nature and the ever changing harmony of the chaos, which we have all agreed to call the world.
Such an approach is rooted in and originates from disinterested contemplation (Thomas Aquinas' visio echoes beautifully here, I believe. Strangely enough).

'man becomes a healer the moment he forgets about himself' - henry miller

the power
the glory
the voice

still another ordinary, common, simple god of singing life
david sylvian

when poets dreamed of angels
darkest dreaming

for the residents watch (out)

we are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with a sleep - shakespeare

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