• The end of life as I know it

    Apr 26 2011, 3:40

    The Radio Dept. is one of many bands that I would like to see live before I die or at least before 2012 Apocalypse occurs. As I stepped out my car, last saturday night, I felt disoriented entering Potato Head, the venue of where the lovely Swedish band was playing that night. Disoriented, not because I have been on drugs or drinking too much, disoriented because I felt that I was entering a hipster nest. Yes, you might think, "Hipster is so 2k9" but for some reason, Jakarta has been swarmed with them douchebags population for the last year.

    Oh, I remember the good old days where people go to gigs to enjoy the music and you know, actually attend the gigs because they actually know the band, not because they feel obliged to come to concert of "an indie band that stupid mainstream people never heard of" to be seen. I didn't even leave the country long enough. The last time I went to a gig in Jakarta, people, well, dress up normally and comfortably as going to a gig should be. But that night, The Radio Dept's gig was swarmed with boys in flannel shirt and big dorky glasses and girls in artsy dresses and ridiculously high heels, and also big dorky glasses.

    Whatever happened to the Indonesian indie scene as I know it? Yes I know that the youth in this country are easily influenced by western music and fashion leverage. But must they also adapt the douchebaggery? It is not my place to judge these lost souls, but I shall say that I am very concern with the way that this latest fad is going. It bothers me on how no one was singing and dancing to The Radio Dept., please enlighten me on this part, is it a hipster culture not to sing and dance during a gig or these people only came to be seen, having no acknowledgement of the performing band, therefore resulting in their stiffness? I must also say that these hipsters must've lost their way to Crystal Castles's gig and mistaken The Radio Dept's as CC's because if you ask me, hipsters don't listen to The Radio Dept., hipster's don't listen to meaningful music, well not their preferences, they listen to, electronica-rapegaze-chillwave music.

    This is the end of our youth. This is the end of music appreciation. I must say goodbye to the good ole days of going to gigs because now, the indie kids are dead, replaced by this hipster douchebags who will try to kill you with their triangle wave gaze for not dressing up and looking hip. So long, true indie gig experience. As today, gigs is merely a fashion show for the lost insecure youth who wanted more attention than the performing artist. I hope you all rot in hell.

    Cheerio :)

    ps: I don't dislike all hipsters, I dislike hipsters who came to The Radio Dept. just to be seen and did not even know The Radio Dept.'s songs (Ooops that's about the whole hipster populations in this town then).