My personal Top 10 songs of 2010


Dic 24 2010, 3:31

2010 was a year that I used, among different things, to discover music that I really like, and in past years I realised that the music scene was definitely where I had to look, so I moved apart from TV and radio and used the Internet to find music, and these songs from this list are (some of) the results.

So I'm going to start reviewing the 10 songs released this year that meant something to me, this is a purely personal top 10.

10- Orphan Boy - Some Frontier

Until 2009, Arctic Monkeys was my favourite band, I thought of them as something "under" and different, I still love them, but today I don't see them like something special. It is because there were so many bands, so many guys trying to fit somewhere but being just pulled apart by the business, and Orphan Boy is one of those not popular bands. What they think about that? Well, check their "about" page on their site and you'll know.
I discovered this band this month, but I liked them so badly, that even with less than 30 days of knowing of them they made it to this list.

Their new album Passion, Pain & Loyalty is great, Harbour Lights and Anderson Shelter Blues are other tracks from there that I like.

9- Hot Hot Heat - JFK's LSD

I don't like by far what I heard from them before (maybe I have to listen their first albums track per track, maybe there is something good hidden ;) ) but Future Breeds is a different record, very experimental, I love a lot of tracks from it (like Times A Thousand and Implosionatic,) and this song is something from another world.

8- Spoon - Written In Reverse

This song, I don't know what to say, if you listen to it, you will understand :)
(Album: Transference, Other good tracks from it: Before Destruction and I Saw the Light)

7- Klaxons - Echoes

I know, Surfing the Void wasn't what a lot of people expected (including me), but I have to admit it, Echoes is something so good, so powerful and with that unique style of Klaxons, that gets stuck in your head for weeks and weeks, and another week, a week after that, and then you have to add another week...........

6-The Cinematics - Guernica

This is another example of an underrated band, they deserves more attention, they try to get that, but well, they are ignored by the mainstream.
This year they did not released an album, just a EP called Silent Scream, maybe they'll release something in 2011 :)

5- Everything Everything - MY KZ, UR BF

I'm not a lover, and I know they released MY KZ, UR BF in 2009 (or 08 I don't know) but Man Alive came this year, and this is one of its tracks, and it was re-released as a single too this year, so let's include it :) it is great, catchy but not faggy, just great.

4- The Cloud Room - Crashing In Love

This will come in Zither, to be released in 2011, but they posted the demo version of this song early this year, and I just loved it, and kept listening to it through all this year, so for me, it's one of the highlights of 2010, I can't wait to listen the final version (and the entire album of course :) .)

3- These New Puritans - We Want War

It's epic, and I love These New Puritans, Hidden is excellent, but I want to say something, for me, Beat Pyramid is better, but it's another thing. About this song, I don't want to use words to describe it, people have to hear it and they will see that it has no explanation.
Hidden has other cool songs too, like Fire-Power and Attack Music.

2- Foals - Blue Blood

I don't know how, but Foals are kind of very popular, anyway, I know Spanish Sahara is another great song from Total Life Forever, but when I watched the video for Blue Blood for the first time, it was something I did not expected from Foals, and the bass line of this song, oh my god... I love Spanish Sahara and other songs from that album, but Blue Blood is addictive.

1- The Sunshine Underground - We've Always Been Your Friends

Now, this is my biggest discovery of this year, they are just amazing.
But what made me to love this band was that they are very underrated, you can't find resources and info about them on the web so easy as you can do with many other bands, they never were cover of the NME and most important, they are not angry about that, because they care about their real fans. I bought Nobody's Coming To Save You in its physical format (also bought Raise The Alarm, but still waiting this last one to arrive) just because I wanted to have it in my personal collection.
Other good songs from this album? ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! seriously, I love all their songs and they are highly recommendable.

So,there you have, the best of the best from this year, by me.

I want to know what you think! comments are very welcome


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