Guess The Zappa Lyric Game


Giu 12 2008, 6:59

I'm bored so I thought I'd kill an hour making a game. I'm gonna put all of my Frank Zappa tracks on random and for every song that is chosen I will take a line from. Anyone that wants to can guess what song the lyrics are from. I will skip instrumentals, Dialog only songs and bootlegs. EASY SONGS GET LESS LYRICS.

I don't know how many people are going to try this but here we go:

RED = Correct

1. And all around
At the side of the grave
Stood Charlie's friends
Who could not save
This stupid girl
From the way she behaved
Answer =Any Downers?

2. And all I ever really , wanted to do was
Play the guitar 'n bend the string like
Answer =Outside Now

3. Uhhh, Mike Scheller says his life is a mess
Fritz Rau says asparagus Should only be consumed
By people with a larger mouth
Answer =Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?

4. There's a bomb to blow yo mommy up
A bomb for your daddy too
Answer =Uncle Burnie's Farm

5. His car's fucked up!
De boy got a provlem!
She ripped up de 'polstry
Outa dat O-zo-mobile!
Hafta go ta Tia-Juana now!
He should go to BROWN MOSES
Answer =The White Boy Troubles

6. Grow that meat all over yer bones
Work the wall with the local jones
Answer =SEX

7. The Gas still gets through
it can get right right on you
Answer =Star Wars Won't Work

8. You are hopeless
Your hopelessness
Is rising around you, rising around you
You like it
It gives you something to do
Answer =The Blue Light

9. Late at night is when they come out...Answer =Baby Snakes

10. ...The boys is all sweet
The food ain't too shabby,
An' they piss in the street
Answer =In France

11. Stars in the sky, they never lie
Tell me you need me, don’t say goodbye
I love you darling, I love you only
Answer =Love of My Life

12. And in that magic go-kart I bite your neck
The cheese I have for you, my dear...
Answer =The Duke Of Prunes

13. And though it often seems
From television beams
That ignorance is rampant there
And Governmental Goons don't care
I know that I shall not despair
Answer =Planet Of My Dreams

14. Who is this dude with his hair straight back
His new white socks, And his pants all black, His tee shirt rolled,
His watch is gold,
Answer =Would You Go All The Way?

15. Spray your hair
And think you're neat
I think your life is incomplete
But maybe that's not for me to say
Answer =You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

16. Beauty is a coloured pencil, scribbled all around yer eye Answer =Beauty Knows No Pain

17. He's got your name
And he's got your face
He's got your ex-old lady's place
He's here to see whats goin down
And they don't believe the things he's found
Answer =The Downtown Talent Scout

18. My heart skips a beat
Every time
You and I meet
My life, my love, my dear
Answer =The Closer You Are

19. There ain't no such thing as love. Answer =I Ain't Got No Heart

20. BACKGROUND VOCALS: (I'll never forget your rat race. in fact I might...
Oh, I suppose I'll forget you eventually
What is your name?
Answer =Amnesia Vivace

21. P.S. Do you use 1-percent xylocaine for deep cockhead piercings?
Piercing the head of the cock must be painful.
I had the head tattooed and it hurt like hell!
Answer =Master Ringo

22. The hospital plans (yer brother drew 'em all)
You ran the paper 'n Charity Ball
Answer =Society Pages

23. That's right, remember there is a big difference between
kneeling down and bending over...
Answer =Heavenly Bank Account

24. And if a forest grows up
From the dirt on the floor,
Then the frog with the satchel had just
Dumped beside the door.
Answer =It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal

25.I stretched myself out onna antique bed
An' my spirit did a midnite creep

You know I'll never sleep no more
Answer =Zomby Woof

26. So, it's adios, adios, my little darlin'
Gotta go now. . .
Keep that hankie that I gave you for when you cry
Answer =Harder Than Your Husband

27. You can see it any time
When you get the squints
From your downers and your wine
You’re so big
Answer =City Of Tiny Lites

28. If you decide to leave me, it's all over
I tried to make you happy
I gave you all my love
Answer =Stuff Up the Cracks

29. The neighbors on the right sat & watched them every night
(I bet you'd do the same if they was you)
Answer =Let's Make the Water Turn Black

30. My Finger got stuck. Answer =Sleep Dirt

Freak Out!Absolutely FreeWe're Only in It for the MoneyLumpy GravyCruising With Ruben & the JetsUncle MeatHot RatsBurnt Weeny SandwichWeasels Ripped My FleshChunga's RevengeFillmore East, June 1971200 MotelsJust Another Band From L.A.Waka/JawakaThe Grand WazooOver-Nite SensationApostrophe (')Roxy & ElsewhereOne Size Fits AllBongo FuryZoot AlluresZappa In New YorkStudio TanSleep DirtSheik YerboutiOrchestral FavoritesJoe's GarageTinseltown RebellionShut Up 'n Play Yer GuitarYou Are What You IsShip Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch[/album][artist=frank zappa]The Man from Utopia[/album][artist=frank zappa]Baby Snakes[/album][artist=frank zappa]London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 1[/album][artist=frank zappa]Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect StrangerThem or UsThing-FishFrancesco ZappaFrank Zappa Meets the Mothers of PreventionDoes Humor Belong in Music?Jazz From HellLondon Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 2Guitar[artist=frank zappa]Broadway the Hard Way[/album]The Best Band You Never Heard in Your LifeMake A Jazz Noise HerePlayground PsychoticsAhead of Their TimeThe Yellow Shark[/size]

Good luck.
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  • OhYesByAllMeans

    4. Uncle Bernie's Farm I don't have the time for any others right now

    Giu 12 2008, 13:37
  • glassbottle

    awesome people tried it. 16miles, 1,5 and 11 are incorrect but the rest is right.

    Giu 14 2008, 21:23
  • OhYesByAllMeans

    I'd say 11 is Love of my Life then, and 5 COULD BE BROWN MOSES (It's been a while since I listened to Thing-Fish but I am sure it's a Thing-Fish thing, but I don't really know which one). I will take a look at the others later.

    Giu 16 2008, 17:21
  • Man-o-War

    Well I don't know any Zappa songs, much less lyrics, but I can swear that you submitted this journal already. Weird, unserious shit.

    Giu 16 2008, 21:05
  • glassbottle

    nope, you must be mistaken.

    Giu 16 2008, 21:50
  • SamuraiMoose

    12. Duke of Prunes

    Giu 17 2008, 21:17
  • VanillaScarab

    1. Any Downers? 16. Beauty Knows No Pain

    Giu 18 2008, 12:41
  • VanillaScarab

    And if 5 isn't something from Thing-Fish I will be very disappointed!

    Giu 18 2008, 12:42
  • glassbottle

    all correct. #30 and #24 are two of my favorite songs, I hope somone can guess 24... =P

    Giu 20 2008, 6:10
  • Steev_Umc

    Ummmm... 3. Shall we take ourselves seriously 5. The Crab Glass Baby 6. Sex 8. Bluelight? 10. In France 14. Will you go all the way for the USA 18. The closer you are 22. Society Pages 24. It just might be a one-shot deal 28. Stuff up the cracks All answers kindly provided by the zappa influenced Moganator... Cheers Matt xsx

    Giu 20 2008, 15:28
  • Frunobulax19

    I know the rest by heart: 3. Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously? 5. Crab-Grass Baby 6. SEX 7. Star Wars Won't Work 8. The Blue Light 10. In France 13. The Planet of My Dreams 14. Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink 17. The Downtown Talent Scout 18. The Closer You Are 20. Amnesia Vivace 21. Master Ringo 22. It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal 28. Stuff Up The Cracks Bim bam boom.

    Giu 20 2008, 19:41
  • Frunobulax19

    Fuck! 5 is The White Boy Troubles! I realizes that as soon as I posted and saw that 5 had already been guessed as Crab-Grass.

    Giu 20 2008, 19:43
  • Frunobulax19

    And 22 is 24. 22 is Society Pages.

    Giu 20 2008, 19:44
  • glassbottle

    I don't know how much you guys used google but it's all solved now. Maybe I should make another one?

    Giu 21 2008, 17:39
  • VanillaScarab

    Go for it!

    Giu 21 2008, 19:39
  • OhYesByAllMeans

    Make a "guess the Beethoven piece" game dun dun dun dunnnn = Symphony No. 5 - First movement

    Giu 25 2008, 9:39
  • kiwivogel

    "And You'll never hear vloerbedekking again!" guess where that comes from...

    Mar 7 2009, 11:23
  • krizis1989

    scr*w you guys, im goin home..

    Gen 7 2011, 13:25
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