Brand New (night one)


Ott 18 2009, 8:42

Sat 17 Oct – Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, The Builders and the Butchers

Met a few very good people, but this show definitely had the worst crowd ever.

Did the pushing ever stop?
And what's this I hear about Jeffree Star?


  • stopsteadygo

    I'm bet that's why people were pushing so fucking much, just to get away from Jeffree Star. (makes sense)

    Ott 18 2009, 17:44
  • PrayForUsAll

    That's the most logical explanation there is. I made eye contact with he/it and I felt really violated.

    Ott 18 2009, 19:14
  • yeahboydollface

    I agree about the bad crowd. Luckily I grabbed hold of the barricade, otherwise I would have been thrown around the whole time. Brand New was amazing though!

    Ott 20 2009, 1:07
  • farnizzle

    um it's a fucking mosh pit...if you can't take the heat get the fuck out. kthnxbye

    Ott 21 2009, 4:15
  • suzysuicide

    @farnizzle, iawtc. seriously guys, ever been to a concert before?

    Ott 21 2009, 4:16
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