• i mean, it's great and all but...

    Ago 5 2007, 20:42

    does anyone else think the free mp3 from subpop's website of Boy with a Coin sounds a teensie bit like a cross between A Hazy Shade Of Winter and, er, Get The Party Started? next time you hear it, try putting pink's lyrics to it and then try telling me i'm wrong.
  • squint skyward and listen

    Gen 23 2007, 16:23

    Just to show I can enjoy concerts and not whinge... Joanna Newsom was awesome at the sage last week. My spine was non-stop tingling. She and the Northern Sinfonia played Ys straight through and then she-and sometimes two accompanying musicians -played a fair chunk of milk eyed mender plus a Scottish folk tune and a new song. The observer newspaper covered the concert and claimed the new song's called 'Shreddy' but the lyrics seemed to be about a woman being captured and taken to a land where every woman's called 'Colleen' so I'm calling it Colleen. (Unfortunately the name made me think of Rooney - not Rooney the band, Rooney the spudfaced footballer - which was a bit incongruous with the evening).

    The Obs also said something about the strings possibly being a bit overwhelming due to the acoustics but from where we were sat it worked really well. The bits where it's supposed to get all agitated in 'Emily' ('the lines have faded in my kingdom') were a lot more effective live, it really galloped along. Maybe I just haven't listened to it sufficiently loudly til now - it was only during the performance that I noticed that the violins aren't being tardy at the end of that same song, there's just a note being played that I hadn't heard.

    The coughing fit Newsom had in the middle of Sawdust and Diamonds broke the magic a bit but to be honest it's probably my least favourite on the album so I wasn't too traumatized; others may feel differently. I don't know if this is cos it's the middle track so I'm not so familiar with it, or because it doesn't have the orchestration the other four songs have.

    The only drawback to the evening was that we couldn't get there in time to see the support. This mostly due to my boyfriend's work shift and only partially due to our train breaking down outside Newcastle. Oh, and I also managed to lose the tickets between the interchange and the sage which is only about an 8 minute walk. Oops. The staff were very swift and helpful in sorting me out (the tears may have helped!) so ta to them should they by some quirk of fate be reading this.
  • Am I normal?

    Gen 9 2007, 15:28

    I am this )( close to giving up going to indie gigs.
    I went to the Sodastream gig last night at the head of steam in Newcastle and, whilst they were wonderful, I barely got to see them being wonderful for half an hour. Half. An. Hour. They didn't come on til gone 10.25. I think that's RUBBISH. The only time a band's been so late on was when Teenage Fanclub didn't bother coming on-stage til the end of the Champions' League Final that Liverpool won. That was just rude.

    In this case it probably wasn't the fault of sodastream. There were two support acts, which is unnecessary IMHO, and they didn't come on til about 8.45. The first act were quite funny; the second all right: bearable mainly because it was the ex-boss of Slampt who put out Kenickie's first 7". But I didn't pay the travel costs and entrance fee to see 40 minutes of each of them and then have to miss the bus home to see 40 minutes of the main act who, being Australian, hardly ever play anywhere near me. They were still playing when we left and we still missed the bus.

    Is it just me that thinks this is unfair? Am I normal?

    I should probably give the organiser a chance to respond. I think it was John Egdell who I really liked when I saw him play, and who has a split 7" with perennial favourites Minotaurs.
  • advice?

    Dic 6 2006, 17:37

    I'm going to buy an album or two by Bridget St. John for my dad for Christmas but I don't know which one(s) to get. Any fans here who could advise on the best or better of the three?
  • you don't know what you've been missin'

    Nov 16 2006, 17:17

    Thought I'd post a little update, partly as a postscript to my previous whinge and partly to have a new whinge.

    Firstly thanks to the Minotaurs (I'm not going to link them, as I'm embarrassed about being the only person whose journal entries appear on their front page) who have taken the time out to explain to me why they couldn't play at their Oxjam gig (see previous post). They are lovely people as well as great songwriters and you should all buy their new single. 'Anyone who had a heart' is out on Grand Transmission on the 4th of december, if their website is to be believed.

    The Divine Comedy gig we went to the week after was thoroughly enjoyable. I may have had a better view at the all-seated one last year in Edinburgh, but the atmosphere at this one was great. There was a good mix of new and old songs and some comedy dancing in the crowd. The only dampener was not being able to find the bus home - go northeast seem to have decided that the bus station is a stupid place to have their bus routes start. If anyone from chester-le-street or durham is reading this, you need to go to the old odeon for the bus home. (To be fair, that does sound somehow cooler. And it now runs to C-le-S through the night.)

    Since then, I've resubscribed to last.fm and can now display my up-coming events on my side-bar so I don't need to tell you our next gig is the Be Good Tanyas tomorrow...

    My little whinge today is that i really really need a new iPod. I bought the nearly indescribable, utterly fantastic Ys this week and it didn't bloody fit in the current one. I've deleted some bits and bobs and it should now fit, but I've also bought albums by people like Cat Power, Patti Smith and Emily Haines that I can't squeeze in. Sigh.
  • shambolic is the new together

    Ott 20 2006, 11:55

    Humph. We went to see the Minotaurs in Newcastle last night and they didn't show up. There wasn't even a sign up warning us: the first act was the one to break the news. It was an Oxjam event so we couldn't even contemplate asking for a refund. We'd've looked like Ricky Gervais's even ruder children.

    We were slightly mollified by the appearance of Johnny X, formerly of Kenickie, aka Peter Gofton, on marimba for some other band (possibly Peter from Field Music's side project, but he didn't make that clear) (Does anyone else always say Field Mice when they say field music? They should've thought that through.) Oh, and we were also cheered up by an extra train gner had laid on for the toon army which got us home 15 minutes early.

    Hopefully The Divine Comedy gig next week will go more smoothly...
  • killing people's *not* your scene, stuart?

    Ago 21 2006, 22:39

    I swear to God I have never heard the first minute of If You Find Yourself Caught in Love before. It's the best bit of the song! Why did no-one else tell me about it?
    It's funny what you hear at 11.45 on a Monday night when you're sat on your own writing your thesis....
  • ps...

    Ago 15 2006, 12:50

    irrelevant, but i remebered as i re-listened to Was It Worth It? that i happened to hear Neil Tennant on 6music the other day and he went up massivley in my estimation for his discussion of Imagine. he said it was a great track but not a great song. he went on to explain this as being that it has good production for its time, but is essentially quite a dull song.
    one good thing is, i agree with him about the song - it really doesn't 'get me' anywhere, like i suspect it thinks it ought to, though maybe that's because his ideas were so widely accepted that they don't seem revolutionary anymore. and two, i now have a language to discuss such things. i guess it boils down to 'some songs work as covers, and some don't' but i don't know if i've heard anyone else give thought to this matter.
    oh god, i've just checked John Lennon's page and imagine is the top song by 1000+ plays. am i going to get attacked? go and attack neil tennant, he started it...
  • "untitled"

    Ago 15 2006, 11:41

    So the 'U' section of my ipod's contents passed very quickly (though not as quickly as the X section will - there's only one song in there) and I was led to the conclusion that there are two types of "U" song: really good ones like
    Under the Rotunda
    Up Against the Wall
    Up the Bracket
    Up The Junction
    Up the Wolves

    and then the "untitleds": songs by lazy people including
    Architecture in Helsinki
    The Cure
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    who can't be arsed to give a song a name. Ooh it bugs me.

    What also bugs me is when stupid last.fm ignores my ipod submissions and I lose about 50 tracks. I'm relistening to a bunch, but I'm also trying to fool it by listening to the first and last 5 seconds of most of the replayed songs. Anyone know if that works?

    A few bits of analysis of the past 100 songs or so:
    non-covers include
    Underwear / Underwear
    Wait / Wait / Wait
    Walk Away / Walk Away

    I still have too few covers, though that has been rectified somewhat by the free download available of the album "a century of covers", a collection of Belle and Sebastian covers by random, possibly swedish groups. You can download it from somewhere but I can't remember where.

    Questions for you: Was It a Lie?
    Was It Worth It?
    Was That All?
    Was There Anything I Could Do?

    I'd better stop there cos it's freezing up on me; I think there are too many connections. Back to reading for the thesis. (For those who know me - I'm supposed to be submitting next week. Shit me.)
  • it makes me mad

    Lug 25 2006, 16:21

    In contrast to my last post where I bemoaned the lack of joie-de-vivre of my "smiley" songs, I've just gone past three songs nominally about spitting which were all pretty nice and/or bouncy. Maybe I'm not familiar enough with the words but
    Spit It Out
    Spit on a Stranger
    Spitting Games
    all made me smile.

    Most pleasant segue of the day:
    Southern Anthem

    Discovery of the day:
    - I'm not usually much of a Bowie fan, I have to say but this was both good and unfamiliar. I get annoyed by his really familiar ones.
    I *am* however a huge S&G fan, but I don't have this. I think it's cos my dad didn't have anything from before sound of silence on tape so it didn't get played in the car. I should probably get the early stuff on CD. I don't even mind the religious songs.

    And finally, after which I'll shut up because it's nearly hometime: the 'songs' I have in my iPod. Not as in the 5300+ tracks, but songs actually called "song....". We had:
    Song Against Robots
    Song For #3
    Song for Children
    Song for Dennis Brown
    Song for Kelly Huckaby
    Song for Myla Goldberg
    Song For No One
    Song for Sunshine
    Song For The Asking
    Song for the Dumped
    Song For The Songs
    song for tura atana
    Song In Uniform
    Song of Life
    Songs of Love

    Out of these, either the Simon and Garfunkel or DivCom one is my favourite. Or the Decemberists. I don't know. Least favourite is probably Leftfield, again. I should clear them out. Sorry guys.
    Is this an inordinate number of songs to have that start with the word song? They're a bit postmodern in their "I know I'm a song" attitudes. Am I enjoying music on too unemotional a level?
    If anyone can tell me who all these people referenced are, I'd be very happy and enlightened. Because I'm lazy. Cheers.