Psyche - Rarities


Dic 5 2011, 20:29

Psyche have begun making exclusive fan releases on Bandcamp.
This is a great opportunity to get some rare material in any format you like, and we will also be adding some live concerts from the archives each month. So far we have released our Halloween Party EP in honour of our 3rd tour in Australia this October/November. Among other exclusive mixes, and a cover of the Plasmatics "Butcher Baby"! The EP includes a new version of "Uncivilized" from Brisbane's own TYCHO BRAHE.

Also we are making a donation to Bradley Manning's defence campaign in December from sales of our second EP "We are Bradley Manning".

To inform yourselves of this cause, and it's importance to all of us living in the "free" world. Please visit: BradleyManning.Org. and find the music here:

Hope you'll enjoy these releases. Thanks for listening, and your support of the Psyche sound throughout the years.


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