Saint-P's summer - sucks!


Giu 22 2010, 7:40

With calendar - is summer.
In fact - rainy, windy and fu*king cold!
There are two ways to escape from this crap:

1. Go to the sea: where the sand, big-breasted tanned ladies and cocktails with umbrellas. Minus - have no money for this shit XD.
So there is option # 2

2. Listen to the right music.

Will be grateful for your tips!


  • PigEatPig

    We live in the country of 11 time zones, in the country of geniuses and shiters, but we managed a city of rains, it - a city of passive snobs.

    Giu 22 2010, 11:40
  • genevaband

    thnx a lot - now i wanna kill my self even more than before :)

    Giu 22 2010, 11:47
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