• Three good days

    Dic 2 2007, 23:10

    I'm glad I know of three things that will get me out of the house this month, but I'm kind of annoyed that they're all right in a row.

    On Dec 5, Neumos is having a free show sponsored by Dewar's, I think. The bands are Siberian, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, and United State of Electronica. For free. Damn, Virginia. I think it's a safe bet they have drink specials featuring scotch, too.

    On Thursday, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir is playing at the High Dive. Before I bothered to look it up I thought they were actually from Scotland, which would have implied this was kind of a rare event. I guess they're actually from Chicago. Who's been letting of Montreal name their band? It's cheap, which is super, because I like everything I've ever heard by them.

    And then on the 7th is the event that I'm a little dubious of, some sort of grand re-opening or something at Nectar. It's supposed to be disco, which I've been bitching about the lack of in Seattle dance nights forever. But it's at Nectar, so I'm concerned that the DJ is going to cut the sound every ten seconds so team UW can shout the words to I Will Survive. Has the potential to be frustrating. But I think it's free.
  • Radiohead??

    Nov 11 2007, 4:19

    Ok, I'm new here and maybe everyone asks this, but what the hell is up with
    Radiohead? Does Radiohead own this website? Are there any pages on this site where Radiohead is not one of the most recent songs or whatever? Is it some in-joke?

    I mean, I like Radiohead. But I don't think I listen to particularly a lot of Radiohead. Yet there they are, on my top.. whatever. Maybe other bands should get a handicap for not being Radiohead. Or maybe all those lists should just list the other bands you listen to and, at the bottom, as a matter of course, include "...and Radiohead".

    I just thought it was weird.