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  • MrSocko


    18 Lug 7:34 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    would you feel instant remorse? or would you go after the parent(s) next? only $600! i know what you will be buying on your next late night shopping trip through the shady Internet mall. there sure are a lot of adult theaters in that mall. i'm on a slow downward spiral as i reach the end of the semester! yo, what. hips are the best. in general. but you have it right there. dress for yourself. really, though, learn to love them hips! ain't no use hating on yourself like that.

    2 Mag 5:19 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    what if they don't respect your aggression? what if they challenge you? will you shoot their baby in the face? will you be able to act?! soon we will be able to prove those anti-piracy ads wrong by downloading and printing a pizza. people also thought that our privacy would shrink while the government monitored and tracked us all the time. that's definitely making good progress. isn't it?? i'll just need to study extra hard!! this semester is almost over. it's so clooooseeee. then i'm gonna play a bunch of games. no good clothes for women with larger chests. you think with how much people like boobs, more things would be tailored for them. or maybe that's it.. if they have to wear clothes meant for flat-chested women, that brings the attention to the breasts. those bastards..! what do you stay up late doing? watching infomercials?

    29 Apr 5:48 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    how is that gonna happen? are you going to greet them at the door with your shotgun? they are making progress with 3D printing food. it's definitely in the beginning stages, but it's interesting.i wonder what we will have in a few years time. i'll be busy because it's the end of my semester. presentations, finals, etc. i have to pass! shopping shopping. i wish i could do all my shopping online. i was into that drone delivery service just because it would be quick. but imagine a shitload of drones flying around. you're probably asleep by now! i know i would be. i can't stay up late at all.

    27 Apr 6:51 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    it's annoying as fuck. we need some kind of device in stores where it picks up any sound like that and kills the soundwave or whatever. so all we have are these inaudible faces with their ugly faces scrunched up looking like idiots. what a laugh we will have at their expense! the smelling screen is a far cry from transmitting the exact smell from the video on screen, but will that ever really be possible? there would have to be some way to record the smell in some format like that of film. i wonder... all 8 days! you are a marvel, Sarah! a wonder of the world! Josh is okay today, the next day. these next two weeks are gonna be busy ones! i hope i don't die from stress ulcers. how are you, Sarah? tell me everything in 1000 characters or less.

    26 Apr 3:45 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    i don't know what is worse about retail: being exposed to people that are sick or people that have kids. there's some overlap there, too. did you also get the shits? that's just the icing on the cake. not literally, of course. it may be a useful consistency, but i just don't think the flavors work well together. what do you think will come first out of diseases through the internet or true smellovision? but it seems like i have my answer. true, you're right about that. vacations are a luxury not often enjoyed. you would be right to make the best of it. just don't fall asleep! EVER!

    23 Apr 7:04 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    i don't get a flu shot myself. mainly because i just don't think about doing it. but it seems like faulty logic to disregard it just because it doesn't cover all of the strains. better to prevent some than none, right? but i wouldn't know at all. anyway, it didn't even seem to help! did you get the seasonal flu, though? i think the vaccine doesn't help with that one. glad you're doing better. i'm really human viruses can't be transmitted over the internet. and when there are tragedies, the news tends to put all of the focus on the people that caused harm rather than remembering the victims. so these assholes live on while the people that were injured or killed are forgotten aw, come on. you don't want to suffer on your vacation?

    20 Apr 16:32 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    i guess you didn't get your flu vaccine? you got hit hard. how are you now? i doubt you are the only one. for a lot of people, it was probably just the mystery of it all. if it was found quickly and it had crashed, how many Americans would give a shit? it's just another source of entertainment. "oooh, are they gonna find the plane today???" i don't even know if they give a shit anymore. 100% stupidity! seems like the reasoning behind almost every accident. now you have to keep waiting and dreading having your teeth removed. fun times.

    18 Apr 6:02 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    that would explain that Malaysian airplane, right? they made a stop somewhere up there, but everyone wanted to stay because it was so awesome. i probably would do the same thing if it was reallyyy great. a Columbia from BioShock, but not shitty! a crosswalk could be good, but you know some drivers would be assholes about it. most drivers i see don't give a shit about pedestrians trying to cross. i haven't been into TMNT that much either. but she's the girl that hangs around with them a lot. from the cartoons, i remember her being in all yellow with red hair. i think.. Megan might do alright! but considering who is behind the movie, it will just be some typical Hollywood shit. no, you will forget. you will open it, realize that you can't eat it, set it down somewhere, and it will end up getting lost. you will forget about it until you decide to clean your room a few months later. you may eat it then, but it won't be like those Mentos. it will be awful. you will be ashamed of yourself.

    5 Apr 17:51 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    but what if the plane makes a cool stop at some place up in the air? you will miss out again because you're asleep! what would be even more rude is if you actually had a dog with you, and they took the dog along while leaving you in the car. there's always next time, though. maybe the town should build a little pedestrian bridge so they can get across easily and avoid all these damn accidents. Megan Fox is playing April O'Neil. and they are going with relatively unknown actors to play the roles of the turtles. however, Johnny Knoxville is doing the voice of Leonardo. guess the actor playing the role sucks at talking? i don't know. i ain't jealous of shit. just seems like a waste to give candy to someone who can't even eat it. so i'm trying to help out by taking it.

    4 Apr 14:31 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    haha, that's a great solution for motion sickness. just knock you out until the end of the trip. all the journey, none of the experience. a bit rude to not wake you up to enjoy the city. you probably would have been all groggy and shit, but it's better than just sleeping it all away. chastise them for it. don't let them forget!!! i don't think i'd want to go to Florida myself, though. why do people keep trying to cross that road when they know its reputation? seems like they would eventually realize. but i am giving people too much credit. the new TMNT movie is definitely gonna suck. Michael Bay is the main producer. Megan Fox is starring. the turtles are more humanized and look ridiculous. i just can't watch these reboots and remakes. come up with something original dammit! and you buy your own candy, too! you're an adult!

    3 Apr 6:11 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    is that because of the high amount of old people that are there? that would be my first guess. we have a lot of shitty drivers here because it's an amalgamation of people from all over not adapting their driving to where they are. it gets a bit better in summer when people go back to where they normally live. flying off of the mountain. wouldn't that suck? does that happen? will you take your pet turtle to see the new TMNT movie (despite it looking bad)? oh, for sure. the rest of the world already seems more interesting than going and seeing something like Washington, D.C. zzzzzz. i'll take it! tell your parents to send it to me. don't let it get stale.

    3 Apr 4:07 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    i don't doubt it. it's a college town after all. what does she expect from a party school? hahaha. but i haven't really heard about a lot of accidents involving the light rail. it is possible, though, with all the shitty drivers in this metropolitan area. the sense of entitlement when driving probably had them cutting in front of the light rail or something like idiots. general car accidents happen all the time. what are some crazy dreams that you have? ever try to interpret them? i only ever get sick in a moving vehicle when i am trying to read something. so i just never read in the car. is that mall worth the trip? it's the east coast. there's a shitload of things to see. historic sites, museums, cultural attractions, etc. i will probably go someday. do some traveling. ah, right, since you won't be able to have solid food. surely it was thought about before choosing to prescribe for someone on that expected diet, though?

    1 Apr 18:04 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    annoying neighbors? in college? what??? ah, the light rail! i have taken that many times. it's just our little urban train system. i really wish it extended farther towards my area. then i would just take that all the time to get everywhere! at least you are still getting some continued use out of that iHome, eh? now those are definitely pushing up the price. do the sounds you listen to before sleeping ever influence your dreams and their locations? being in a silent car is so unnerving. unless i'm in the backseat. then i don't give a shit. fucking colonies. everything is so close together over there that it's easy to do that. then you get to the territories with everything spread out. it's like the damn wild west out here still. i have never been east of Arizona. the farthest east i have been in this country is Tucson. i think as long as you don't take the meds on an empty stomach, you should be okay. but you would actually know better than me considering your education.

    1 Apr 7:32 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    hm. wonder why she doesn't live in downtown Phoenix if she's a journalism major. oh, the partying. haha. just checked out a sound machine. i thought it would be expensive. not bad! is the rain like the sound on Rainy Mood? because i love that. i imagine it's easy to go to sleep with that playing. i must look into this. i feel like you said something very similar the last time i mentioned getting a car. but yeah, it would be freeing. i hope i don't piss someone off and have them shoot me, though. the main thing i look forward to is playing some tunes in the car. connecticut is going to bleed you dry. the east coast is probably nice. i might end up there after doing the peace corps (if i do that). but i'd prefer the pacific northwest. the pain medication i received after having some dental surgery was the best. no pain at alllllll. i could have become addicted if i didn't know any better. watch out!

    1 Apr 7:03 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    look at that! one degree of separation. i wonder if i have ever seen your friend while at ASU. but it is an exciting time when it rains! i always talk about loving the rain. then i had to walk in the rain one of the last times it rained here. it was coming down heavy. a couple people were sort of rubbing it in since i talked about liking rain. "huh huh huh guess you don't like rain after all" but i just didn't like how cold it was. i was fine with getting wet. anyway, i gotta get a car sometime. i'll probably get some piece of shit just to get me back and forth for my last semester. it would cut a lot of traveling time! are you planning on staying in the area for a long while? new englander for life? good decision on taking those wisdom teeth out. i don't even know what the heck mine are doing. i should see a dentist soon... i have the insurance. only three days? well, it's different for everyone, isn't it? might not get much sympathy from the peeps at your work, though.

    1 Apr 6:38 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    i cried myself to sleep the first couple weeks without a reply, but now i'm doing okay. the weather is getting hotter. it's barely spring. the forecast has us hitting the 90s next week. what the fuck man. i hate this climate. you're a sheltered New Englander because you have no choice. the snow you get keeps you cooped up inside with nowhere to go. expensive indeed! do you have bad teeth? just noticed that your pictures never show teeth (at least with this selection). then again, toothy smiles are weird. i don't even like to smile myself. i look like a doofus. or a creep.

    1 Apr 5:54 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    yeah, you always kill the conversation! things are heating up. literally and figuratively. i'm feeling the heat. i'm gonna have to buckle down and study or else i'm going to fuck everything up!! but all i want to do is play the video games i recently purchased??? i'll have to wait until summer. then i will have three months. but you know us Americans and our need for instant gratification. how are things with you?

    1 Apr 3:32 Rispondi
  • thisrdo

    nice pic.

    11 Mar 22:03 Rispondi
  • sadisticcheeto

    if only our store was big enough to get away with something like that! it's so small. easy to be watched and accounted for. damn actually working! i seem like i would be good with all sorts of people? how's that? thing is, i can't selectively hear. unless i'm distracted? so if i am actually talking to a customer and they are talking to me, i'm going to hear them. but i can selectively give a shit. that's where it counts! George Clooney getting some elderly poon. i wonder if he will ever step up and deliver the goods to the older women that want a taste. send them off right, Clooney! damn, getting paid just to know which beers taste good. alcohol and pistols! seems like a good combination.

    3 Mar 6:28 Rispondi
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