whaddup itunes surveyyyy


Ott 29 2009, 19:25

Open itunes. Go to your library and answer the following:

How many songs are on your playlist?: 5,425

Sort by song-
First Song: a-punk - vampire weekend
Last Song: 99 red balloons

Sort by time-
Shortest Song: megaman 2 - boss choice
Longest Song: pink floyd - atom heart mother (whole album)

Sort by artist-
First Artist: abba
Last Artist: i have a lot of songs with no artists...but 50 cent

Sort by album
First Album: achilles' heel - pedro the lion
Last Album: 2gether - 2gether haha

Sort by play count-
Most Played: can't get you out of my head - kylie minogue
Least Played: a lot of them have 1 or no plays at all

Search the key word and see how many songs appear:

"Sex": 8

"Death": 93

"Life": 42

"Love": 82

"Dream": 32

"Sleep": 13

"You": 228

"Me": 833

"Drugs": 0

"Rock": 838

"Hate": 2

"One": 157


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