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  • somacarcrash

    you are an attractive man (or something)

    3 Lug 23:02 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    Heyy congratulations :D!! just a little more and you can get to Diamond! you probably deserve getting into diamond...:)

    15 Mar 1:10 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    Hope you get to Plat! You seem to have a good mmr :) and you still got plenty of time to try :P I'm actually pretty lazy to play honestly lol, I only got like 400 wins/370 losses in Normal. And only played like 40 rankeds last season lol, I got to Silver 5 when I finished my placements, then I only lost like 2 games of 10, so I got promoted directly to Silver 3 instead of Silver 4. Then I stopped playing, I had like 5 months to still try to get to Gold but I just didn't try hahaha :( but we will see this season...one of my friends..last season he was Bronce 4, not kidding, and he is now Platinum 2 anyway, he played like 1200 ranked games in a couple of months LOL. He told me he learned a lot more from ranked games than normal. Anyway, if I create an account in your server I will let you know! I'm pretty sure they won't be such dramaqueens like in latinoamerica lol

    8 Mar 16:15 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    hahaha yeah i've seen a lot of memes about that, i had a lot of lag on NA but I still prefer it. People were nicer and wouldn't get so butthurt about everything. What's your username? mine is bloodyrose0, I hope to get to Gold this season :). I only have played 1 placement match and won it :P (silver 3 last season)

    5 Mar 13:02 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    So cool :D I started playing when Elise was released, almost at the end of season 2. Nope, I used to play on NA until LAS opened, so I'm playing only on LAS for now. Where do you play?

    4 Mar 13:01 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    hahaha yeah you're the only in my friend list who has listened to the League of Legends tag :P too bad we don't play on the same server :(

    3 Mar 20:39 Rispondi
  • ataraxi4

    Hi. Do you play LoL?

    28 Feb 5:41 Rispondi


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